Berklee Study Abroad - Valencia, Spain Course List

Students will take a full course load (12 - 16 credits) of classes during Fall and Spring semesters. Emerson students will be allowed to take any Berklee-Valencia course offered, assuming that they have the pre-requisites or are qualified. In certain cases, this may mean an assessment of the student’s skilll/knowledge level by Berklee-Valencia faculty or administration after arrival. Most courses are 1-3 credit courses. Classes run from 9am - 9pm on the Berklee-Valencia campus.

Course Offerings

Spring 2016 Course List and Descriptions (PDF) Revised
Pre-Approved Course Equivalencies

Please email if you have questions about Berklee-Valencia Courses.

COURSE LIST  [Varies by Semester]

MB-211  Legal Aspects of the Music Industry
MB-287  Business Communication
MB-331  Recording Company Operations
MB-391  Concerts and Touring
MB-P389  Managing Tech-Driven Business
MB-P499  International Industry Seminar
ENGB-404  Middle Eastern/Flamenco Ensemble
ENJZ-220  Small Band Jazz, Rating 4
ENMX-21  Latin Jazz with Vocals, Rating 4
ENVC-370  Musical Theater Ensemble
ENPC-459  Advanced Brazilian Rhythms and Percussion Ensemble
ILPH-359  Brazilian Rhythms and Percussion
ILRE-375  Recital Workshop for Perf. Majors
ISKB-P111  Keyboard Fundamentals (online)
ISKB-211  Basic Keyboard Techniques 1
ISKB-212  Basic Keyboard Techniques 2
PFET-P211  Advanced Rhythmic Techniques
PFSS-P301  Survey of Mediterr. Music Styles
PIXX-xxx   Private Instruction
PM-P476  Final Project Seminar, Directed Study
PMH-250  Movement for Musicians
PSIJ-215  Standard Jazz Repertoire 1
RPXX-xxx  Recital Preparation

MP-114  Critical Listening Lab for Musicians
MP-115  Production Analysis Lab for Musicians
MTI-P304  Live Sound and Stage Craft
MTI-P305  Recording Skills for Music Production
MTI-P306  Mixing for Musicians
MTI-P307  Electronic Dance Music Creation with Ableton Live
MTI-P308  Virtual Production Techniques MTI-P309 Music Video Production and Dissemination
MTI-P310  Live Electronic Perform. & DJ Skills

LAHS-233  Art, Patrimony & Culture of Valencia
LENG-201  Literature: Music and Words
LENG-201  Literature: Lorca and Hemingway
LHIS-223  History of Spanish Film
LMAS-P259  Spanish Music, Culture, & Society
LHUM-400  Professional Development Seminar
LMSC-208  Principles of Musical Acoustics
LMSC-221  Health and Wellness
LSOC-211  General Psychology
LSOC-225  Principles of Economics
LSPN-161,272,363,464 Spanish 1-4
MHIS-P201  Music of the European Tradition

AR-112  Arranging 2
CW-171  Groove Writing – Online
CW-191  Sequencing & Production Techniques
CW-261  DAW Writing and Production
CW-P227  Flamenco Composition & Arranging
FS-P114 I ntro to Film Scoring for Non-Majors

CM-211  Tonal Harmony 1
CM-212  Tonal Harmony 2
COND-211  Conducting 1
COND-212  Conducting 2
CP-210  Art of Counterpoint 1
ET-211  Ear Training 3
ET-212  Ear Training 4
HR-211  Harmony 3
HR-212  Harmony 4

As of 11/17/15. Subject to Change.

Berklee Valencia modern campus

The modern campus of Berklee Valencia

Berklee Valencia beautiful concert hall

Berklee Valencia's great concert hall