Emerson Closed

The College will be closed today, Monday, February 8 for day and evening classes. 

Due to National Weather Service predictions for hazardous conditions beginning mid-morning, the College is closing for the safety of our campus community and employees.

The College’s dining facilities will be open and operating on a normal schedule.  The Iwasaki Library will be open until 11pm.

Courses and Workshops

Online Courses

Welcome to Online Courses at Emerson College.

Summer I 2015 (May 20 - June 30)

CC263 Argumentation and Advocacy

CD201 Language Acquisition

CD234 Speech and Hearing Anatomy and Physiology

CD406 Articulatory and Acoustics Bases

IN235 The Arab Uprisings

IN333 Civic Media

LI313 Novel Into Film

PL332 Civil Rights

TH203 Perspectives in World Theatre

TH315 Topics in Contemporary Theatre

Summer II 2015 (July 1 - August 11)

CD405 CD Across Life Span

JR626 Global Journalism

PL332 Civil Rights

TH205 Dress Codes: American Clothes

How to Register

  • Emerson degree students enroll in courses through the Registrar.
  • Non-matriculated students—Individuals who have not matriculated into a degree program at Emerson College, which includes visiting students and Professional Studies students—register through the Office of Professional Studies.

What to Expect from an Online Course

Online courses are offered through distance learning and are conducted entirely on-line. Material will be available via CANVAS and the internet and can be accessed when convenient to the student. The instructor will be available on-line, via phone and/or in person during scheduled office hours.

  • Online courses require the same amount of time and effort as face-to-face courses.
  • You will need to have basic computer skills: be able to send and receive email, install software, and use web browsers and word processing software.
  • Your online class may or may not have set class "meeting" times. Some classes will allow you to work entirely at your own schedule. However, all classes will have a set ending date, as well as deadlines along the way that you will need to meet.
  • You should be comfortable with trying to solve technical problems on your own, and being open to learning new software. Conversely, you should also be comfortable asking for help if needed!
  • Most communication in online classes will be written. You should be comfortable analyzing and discussing ideas in written college-level English.
  • Each class will have slightly different requirements. For any questions, please contact your professor.

Read more about minimum computer specifications including information about operating systems, computer speed and processor, internet speed and screensize at teach.itg.emerson.

In case of technical problems, email the Help Desk at Emerson College or call 617-824-8080.

Emerson College reserves the right to change any provision of its programs and courses at any time. The College specifically reserves the right to change its tuition rates and any other financial charges. The College also reserves the right to rearrange its courses and class hours, to drop courses for which registration falls below the minimum enrollment, and to change instructor assignments.