Alternative Spring Break

Students on an Alternative Spring Break trip.

Students at Emerson who want to become active in the sustainability movement on campus can get involved with several student organizations:

In 2011, the annual student awards night (ERA Awards) honored the outstanding accomplishments of students or student organizations that advance the College’s goals for sustainability. The winner of the Sustainability Advancement Award is selected by a committee formed by Student Life to recognize those who are leading the way to a sustainable Emerson College.

Emerson College is a proud member of Broadway Green Alliance.

Emerson Green Arts

Emerson Green Arts is part of Broadway Green Alliance.

Broadway Green Alliance (BGA) Captains advocate for greener practices in theater programs and instruct productions on how to run in a more environmentally responsible manner.

Green Captains are students in the department who are interested in helping realize the vision of greener theater. These students help spread the word, advise the cast and crew on how to implement greener practices and check in on how the changes are effecting the production. Emerson is a proud member and frontrunner of this program, which launched in 2013.