Date Activity 
21 to 24 Residence Halls open for new students, who will move in during assigned shifts. Housing assignments and move in schedules will be shared on July 17th.
27 to 30 Residence Halls open for continuing students, who will move in during assigned shifts. Housing staff will contact those students with impacted assignments beginning the week of June 8th.
30 Last day to withdraw from the College for the fall semester with a full refund—a withdrawal/leave of absence form must be filed by this date with the Office of Student Success.

First Day of Classes. The first two days of class (8/31 & 9/1) will occur online, to allow off campus students time to move into their apartments on Sept 1st.

New Graduate Student Orientation


Date Activity
2 In-person classes begin
7 Labor Day (no classes)

Last day to add a class without instructor permission

12 (Saturday) Monday Schedule Observed

Last day to add or drop classes for the fall semester

Last day to declare your intent to graduate for students wishing to graduate in December


Date Activity
10 (Saturday) Thursday Schedule Observed
12 Indigenous Peoples' Day (Columbus Day) (no classes)
21 First Seven-Week Session ends
22 Second Seven-Week Session begins
23 Midterm grades (below C only) for undergraduate students due online by 12:00 noon ET
26 Advising for Spring Registration begins


Date Activity 
7 (Saturday) Friday Schedule Observed
11 Veterans Day (no classes)
10 to 18 Spring 2021 Registration begins

Last day to withdraw from a fall course with a WF/WP grade

Last day to withdraw from the College for the fall semester; must file the appropriate paperwork to the Office of Student Success by 5:00 p.m. (ET)

Master's Theses/Projects due to Committee Chairs for approval for December degree candidates

24 (Tuesday) Wednesday Schedule Observed

In-person instruction concludes before students depart residence halls on the 25th for Thanksgiving break. (Students will not return to campus after Thanksgiving break).
25 Residence halls close at 12:00 noon
25 to 27 Thanksgiving Break (no classes)
30–Dec 9 Classes resume online (review sessions, reading days and final exams will be online).


Date Activity 
9 Last day of fall semester
10 Last day for graduate students to submit Master’s Theses/Projects to Graduate Studies Office for December degree candidates

Last day to submit Spring directed study proposals to Department Chairs. Proposals due to the Registrar's Office Jan 26
21 Final grades due from faculty at 12:00 noon (ET)
Final grades available to students at 5:00 p.m. (ET)

Last day incomplete grades from Spring and Summer can be changed; incomplete grades not changed become I/F (incomplete failing)