See below for key dates within the Kasteel Well Program.


Date Event
August 30 KW Online Course Begins on Canvas


Date Event
September 9 KW Online Course Quiz Part 1
September 17 Departure for the Netherlands
September 18 Arrival—start of Orientation weekend
September 21 First day of classes
September 23 KW Online course evening lectures
September 25 to 27 Academic Field Trip to Amsterdam
September 29 KW Online Course Quiz Part 2


Date Event
October 23 to 25 NO TRAVEL weekend
October 26 to 30 Mid-term week
October 30 to November 2 Academic Field Trip to TBD


Date Event
November 3 to 8 TRAVEL BREAK
November 27 to 29 NO TRAVEL weekend


Date Event
December 5 to 9 NO TRAVEL weekend
December 4 Reading Day
December 7 to 11 Last week of classes
December 12 to 14 Final Exams
December 15 Room inventory and Farewell Celebrations
December 16 Depart for the US