Whether they focus on news coverage, art, or the environment, participants in E3 Expo explore a wide range of consumer demands. Winning presenters receive cash prizes, including scholarships.

2021 Winners

  • First Place, $5,000: Ashley Blanco '22, Business of Creative Enterprises major for her new venture called ARK (anxiety relief kit), a customizable & natural mental health box curated to individual anxiety needs.
  • Second Place, $3,000: Olivia Strauss '21, Marketing Communication major for her new venture, Liv Sweetly, the first subscription-based baking kit service, helping to reduce stress and improve health through baking.
  • Third Place, $2,000: Alannys Milano '21, Writing, Literature & Publishing major for her new venture, Our Journey, a multicultural online platform, supporting international students to reclaim and share their stories during college and beyond.

Karl Baehr Scholarship Award

  • Magenta Thomas ' 21, Communication Studies major, received the $1,500 scholarship award presented to the E3 student who demonstrated academic excellence, innovation and creativity throughout the yearlong program. This scholarship is funded by the family of the E3 program originator, Karl Baehr, in his memory.

Entrepreneurial Spirit Award

  • Juanma Suarez Tessonniere '23, Theatre Design & Technology major, was awarded the $500 Entrepreneurial Spirit award, chosen by the students in the E3 cohort, for his collegiality, collaboration and kindness shown to fellow student entrepreneurs.

2020 Winners

  • First Place, $5,000: Christopher Rodriguez '21, Visual Media Arts Major for TipsyFizz, an alcoholic beverage company specializing in bubbly-based cocktails ready to drink in a can, such as a mimosa.
  • Second Place, $3,000: Jessica Costas '21, BFA, Theatre Education Major for Senior Theatre, a non-profit building community online through theatrical intergenerational programming for seniors.
  • Third Place, $2,000: Jose Garcia, Marketing Communication Major '21 for Martin's World, a children's mobile APP focused on creativity and developing kindness and empathy values through identity exploration.

Karl Baehr Scholarship Award

  • Rana Saifi '21, Marketing Communication Major, received a $1,500 scholarship funded by Karl Baehr's family. Her venture, called ENVY, is a mobile APP extension that uses augmented reality to make any menu a visual menu to combat food envy.

Entrepreneurial Spirit Award

This award for $500 is chosen by the students in the 2020 E3 cohort.

  • Amanda Benavente '20, Business of Creative Enterprises Major '20. Her venture is Fuerte Sports, an athletic lifestyle brand building a community of women and girls in sports while curating the unique online shopping experience.

2019 Winners

  • First Place, $5,000: Daniella Roberge ’19, Visual and Media Arts Major for Dionisio FX, a special effects makeup studio dedicated to better training for first responders and military personnel.  

  • Second Place, $3,000: Julia Perry ’20, Business of Creative Enterprises Major, for Your Mother Never Told You, a non-profit organization bringing educational programming about non-traditional health topics to Massachusetts schools.  

  • Third Place, $2,000: Samantha Reinstein ’19 Marketing Communication Major for MuSock, a grip and mobility sock for rehabilitating patients that utilizes increased surface friction to achieve greater stability and more efficiency during physical therapy and independent exercise sessions.  

Karl Baehr Memorial Scholarship Award

  • Meredith Roman ’20Visual and Media Arts Major, received a $1,500 scholarship award funded by Karl Baehr's family. She created Study Bar, a reservation-based cafe designed to give students a perfect study space.

Clemens Social Enterprise Award

  • Cameron Radenberg ’19, Visual and Media Arts Major, received a $1,000 scholarship, funded by Emerson Alum Tripp Clemens ’14, given to a student who has demonstrated a commitment to 'doing well by doing good.' Cameron created CRATE Studio which curates pop-up, portable digital art gallery experiences in retrofitted shipping containers. 

2018 Winners

  • First Place, $5,000: Victoria Iskiyaeva ’19 Marketing Communication major developed Legalien, a peer-to-peer media, news and information platform for U.S.-bound international students. 

  • Second Place, $3,000: Reed Pake ’19 Visual Media Arts major developed and designed FoodLabelBuddy, a mobile app to help millions of people with food allergies avoid potentially harmful food ingredients.

  • Third Place, $2,000: Katerina Salgado ’18 Marketing Communication major developed Morada, a Panama hat company promising 50+SPF coverage and a hat4hat social impact for Dominican children with each hat purchase. 

Karl Baehr Memorial Scholarship Award

  • Jade Hebling 19 Marketing Communication major, who created WalkSafe, a global navigation mobile app that uses crowd sourced data to identify the safest walking routes in a city, received this $1,500 scholarship award sponsored by Karl Baehr's family.

Clemens Social Enterprise Award

  • Alex Levin 18 Marketing Communication major, founder of EducateZone, an online subscription-based educational platform for K-5 teachers to share resources and ideas with a percentage of the profit donated to help educate children in low income U-S communities, received this $1,000 scholarship award funded by Emerson Alum and Emerson Launch co-founder, Tripp Clemens '14, given to a student who has demonstrated a commitment to “doing well by doing good.”

E3 Entrepreneurial Spirit Award

This award, chosen by the E3 students goes to two of their fellow students:

  • Breanna Gosse ’18 Writing, Literature and Publishing major, founder of Gira Gira! Winery, putting the world in your wine glass with uncommon vines and Victoria Iskiyaeva ’19 Marketing Communication major, founder of Legalien, a peer-to-peer media, news and information platform for U-S bound international students.

2017 Winners

  • First Place, $5,000: Lea LeBlanc ’17, Communication Studies major for her venture developed in E3, recognizing a need with a competitive solution. Wunder, is a fashionable and reliable new undergarment for women with incontinence, empowering them to live active lives. Following her win at the E3 Expo, Lea was accepted to MassChallenge, the world's largest incubator located in Boston's Seaport District, to continue her startup launch.

  • Second Place, $3,000: The E3 Team of Kayla Saliba ’18 and Kim Gonzalez ’17, both Marketing Communication majors for their venture, OddSpace, created to help people find unconventional spaces for their events. It's an online platform building a community for DIY event planners.

  • Third Place, $2,000: Alex Ilyadis ’18, a Marketing Communication major developed a mobile APP called Piddle that helps you find a public restroom in any major city. After his win at the E3 Expo, outside investors provided even more seed money.

Karl Baehr Memorial Scholarship Award

  • Rey Sleiman Sawan ’17, a Marketing Communication major who created FURN, a Lebanese inspired food truck, received a $1,500 scholarship sponsored by Karl Baehr’s family. 

Clemens Social Enterprise Award

  • Kaylee Largay ’17, a Marketing Communication major, who developed Cambiar, a music, fashion and art festival devoted to fundraising for non-profit organizations as a Bcorp, received a $1,000 scholarship funded by Emerson Alum Tripp Clemens ’14, given to a student who has demonstrated a commitment to “doing well by doing good.”

E3 Entrepreneurial Spirit Award

  • Nick Vigue ’18, a Visual and Media Arts major, whose venture, EnvyLife produces limited edition, premium priced T-shirts dedicated to preserving lost art and supporting local artists, received the award for the E3 student who embodied the spirit of entrepreneurship throughout the program.