Our certificate program is made up of 4 classes totaling 16 credit hours, and is 100% online. 

Required Courses (16 Credits)

Course Credits
Customer Segmentation and Descriptive Analytics 4
Predictive Analytics 4
Web Analytics 4
Social Media and VOC Analytics 

Course Descriptions

Customer Segmentation and Descriptive Analytics

This course introduces students to a variety of customer segmentation techniques that provide the framework to design and deploy highly targeted, insight-driven marketing campaigns. Students will use cutting-edge analytics software to develop segmentation solutions that support many facets of today's marketing and sales operations. Students will also learn how to perform and interpret the results of other commonly used descriptive analytic approaches, such as exploratory data analysis and market basket analysis.

Predictive Analytics

This course introduces students to predictive analytics and the broad set of business applications these predictive tools support. Students will use data mining platforms to build predictive models that address a variety of sales and marketing needs, such as identifying the best targets for campaigns, highlighting customers most at risk of churning, and optimizing the allocation of marketing spend across media and channels. Several different modeling techniques will be covered in the course including linear regression, logistic regression and decision tree analysis.

Web Analytics

This course introduces students to a broad array of website analytic techniques. Students will use the Google Analytics platform to identify visitor profiles and segments, study website usage patterns and content viewing behaviors, and pinpoint channels that drive the greatest desktop and mobile visitor traffic to company's websites. The insights obtained through web analytics have become an essential input in the development of digital marketing strategies that incorporate highly targeted paid (advertising), owned (web properties) and earned (social sharing) media components.

Social Media and VOC Analytics

This course will provide an in-depth understanding of how social media analytics and voice of the customer (VOC) analytics are used by today's modern marketer. Students will utilize a leading social media listening and analytics platform to develop a 'hands-on' understanding of how social media data are captured, analyzed and ultimately turned into actionable information. Students will also learn how companies are transforming their outdated customer feedback data collection practices into enterprise-wide VOC programs that generate timely insights and help companies create better customer experiences and greater brand loyalty.