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Required Core Courses

Through the required core courses of the 5 + 5 curriculum, students learn industry principles and how strategy and creativity are interwoven to form a customer-centric strategic marketing plan and integrated marketing communication.

Number Course Credits
MK 601 Principles of Strategic Marketing Communication 4
MK 610 Marketing/Brand Management 4
MK 636 Creative Thinking and Problem Solving 4
MK 669 Behavioral Economics 4
MK 668 Professional Applied Experience in Strategic Marketing Communication 4

Professional Paths and Elective Courses

Students can choose between crafting an individualized program of study that draws from electives that satisfy professional pursuits or academic interests, or one of the Professional Paths: Strategic Planning, Digital Strategy, or Brand Strategy. Professional Paths include, but are not limited to, the following recommended courses. (Please note that course offerings or availability may change.)

Professional Path: Strategic Planning

Number Course Credits
MK 604 Market Research and Account Planning 4
MK 649 Managing Investments in Marketing 4
MK 650 Market Planning: Customers, Companies, Collaborators 4
MK 661 Strategic Planning and Marketing Communication 4
MK 667 Integrated Strategy 4

Professional Path: Digital Strategy

Number Course Credits
MK 627 Digital Marketing 4
MK 651 Descriptive Analytics and Predictive Models 4
MK 662 Content Marketing 4
CC 640 User Experience Design 4
CM 620 Civic Media Design Studio 1 4

Professional Path: Brand Strategy

Number Course Credits
MK 604 Market Research and Account Planning 4
MK 621 Creative Writing and Storytelling 4
MK 630 Advertising and Sales Promotion 4
MK 663 Design Strategies in Communication 4
MK 665 Global Cultures: Anthropology and Sociology 4