About the Program

Collaboration, versatility, and presence are the hallmarks of Emerson College’s BFA in Acting. 

Your journey begins as a BFA Theatre & Performance student, moving through our two-year Actor Training Core, a progression of classes designed to cultivate your imagination, develop your discipline, and promote truthful emotional availability. All performance majors at Emerson College begin in this way, training together to understand themselves in the work, exploring their place in the theatre. After completing the Actor Training Core you’ll have options: you can continue in the BFA Theatre & Performance program, or, should you find your interests becoming more singularly focused, you can audition for our BFA in Acting. If accepted, you would spend your Junior and Senior years in 14 hours a week of structured training, expanding on the foundational work of the Actor Training Core. The BFA in Acting is intensive, designed to help you develop a clear process that will sustain your professional work. The program, therefore, is intended for students who find themselves craving more trust, connection, and exploration through ensemble work and a strong individual focus on the craft itself.

Program Requirements

Requirements Credits
BFA Acting (detailed below) 72
Electives 0
General Education Requirements 56
Total Credits 128

To see descriptions of any of the below classes, please visit our course catalog.

Because an intensive residency is essential to the success of the Studio, Acting students are not eligible to participate in the Los Angeles Program during the academic year. However, BFA students may use elective credits to participate in the LA summer program. 

Department of Performing Arts Core

Year Number Course Credits
1st PA101 Languages of the Stage 4
1st TH141-8 Stagecraft Laboratories 4
1st TH149 Emerson Stage Production Crew 0
2nd TH215 World Drama in its Context I 4
2nd TH216 World Drama in its Context II 4
3rd-4th TH Advanced Drama Studies 4

Actor Training Core

Year Number Course Credits
1st TH123 Movement and Voice I 4
1st TH124 Movement and Voice II 4
1st TH130 Improvisation 2
1st TH131 Acting Fundamentals 2
2nd TH221 Scene Study I 4
2nd TH222 Scene Study II 4

BFA Acting Advanced (by audition during 2nd year)

Year Number Course Credits
3rd TH325 BFA Acting Studio I 8
3rd TH326 BFA Acting Studio II 8
4th TH425 BFA Acting Studio III 8
4th TH426 BFA Acting Studio IV 8