About the Program

The BFA in Stage and Screen Design/Technology provides students with the tools to work across the mediums of theatre, television, and film. This interdisciplinary program taught collaboratively with the department of Visual and Media Arts—one of the premier film schools in the United States—is one of the first undergraduate programs in the country to offer a complete degree in design for both stage and screen. Prospective students for this program should apply to and begin in our BFA Theatre Design/Technology degree before moving into Stage & Screen Design/Tech as second year students.

In addition to classes that provide firm grounding in theatrical design, your coursework will allow you to explore special topics in designing for film and television. You will have the opportunity to work with renowned faculty in both Visual & Media Arts and Performing Arts, and to build your professional network from peers in both disciplines. Production projects and internship opportunities in both our Boston and Los Angeles campuses will round out your experience and prepare you for the professional world of production design in a wide range of entertainment fields.

Program Requirements

Requirement Credits
BFA Stage & Screen Design/Technology 72
Electives 0
General Education Requirements 56
Total Credits 128

To see descriptions of any of the below classes, please visit our course catalog.

Department of Performing Arts Core

Year Number Course Credits
1st PA101 Languages of the Stage 4
1st TH142 Stagecraft Laboratories: Electrics 2
1st TH143 Stagecraft Laboratories: Props 2
1st TH149 Emerson Stage Production Crew 0
2nd TH215 World Drama in its Context I 4
2nd TH216 World Drama in its Context II 4
3rd-4th VM100 History of Media Arts I 4

*BFA Stage and Screen Design/Technology students must fulfill the Advanced Theatre Studies requirement with VM 100 History of Media Arts I.

BFA Stage & Screen Design/Technology Core

Year Number Course Credits
1st TH140 Drafting 4
1st TH144 Stagecraft Costume Construction 2
1st TH145 Stagecraft Scenic Construction 2
1st TH150 History of Fashion & Decor: Design Research 4
2nd TH202 Theatre as a Collaborative Art 4
2nd TH240 Rendering 4
2nd TH249 Emerson Stage Production Team 0
2nd-4th VM140 Introduction to Video Production for Non-Majors 4

BFA Stage and Screen Design/Technology Advanced: Design Concentration - Choose Two

Year Number Course Credits
2nd-4th TH245 Scene Design I 4
2nd-4th TH248 Costume Design I 4
2nd-4th TH345 Scene Design II 4
2nd-4th TH348 Costume Design II 4
2nd-4th TH441 Topics in Technical Direction (repeatable) 4

BFA Stage and Screen Design/Technology majors may substitute TH 141 Stagecraft: Special Topics for one of their four Stagecraft requirements, TH142, TH 143, TH 144, or TH 145, when offered.

BFA Stage and Screen Design/Technology Advanced:Design Theory & Practice - Choose Four Credits

Year Number Course Credits
2nd-4th TH244 Costume Construction 4
2nd-4th TH247 Make-up for Theatre 2
2nd-4th TH340 AutoCAD 4
2nd-4th TH346 Scene Painting 4
2nd-4th TH347 Make-up Effects for Film & TV 2
    Total BFA Stage & Screen D/T Advanced 28

VMA Production Design (8 Credits)

Year Number Course Credits
2nd-4th VM381 Production Design 4
2nd-4th VM481 Advanced Production Design 4

Emerson Stage Production Assignments (8 Credits)

Number Course Credits
PA371 Production Project  
PA372 Production Project  
PA471 Production Project  
PA472 Production Project  
TH470 Design in Practice Topics 4