This trip is open to anyone interested in a summer week in Holland: Emerson alumni, their families and friends, as well as current and retired Emerson staff and faculty and their families. Participants must be 18 years of age or older as of the first day of the trip. All participants are responsible for ensuring that they are in the physical and mental health to travel and follow the itinerary.

Emerson does not evaluate participants for fitness and expects that they have obtained their own medical advice. Of course, we also suggest that those who attend enjoy group travel and understand that such trips can include changes or delays. We also hope that you will embrace the adventures we invite you to experience along with us!

Please note the following aspects of the tours and activities:

  • Extensive walking, including over uneven or muddy areas;
  • Use of stairs; and
  • Walking and standing for periods of as much as two (2) hours.

Participants must also be prepared to arrive promptly for all scheduled activities and keep pace with the group.

To ensure a welcoming and inclusive experience for every traveler, the College expects participants to review and abide by our policy on discrimination, harassment, and retaliation and sexual misconduct policy. Additionally, participants are expected to abide by Emerson's guidelines concerning efforts to limit the spread of COVID-19. Any participant who violates Emerson’s policies or behaves toward anyone in a threatening, disruptive, or offensive manner may be removed from the trip and/or barred from future trips.

We hope that this information is useful and educational in setting your expectations about the active pace of the trip and the collegial atmosphere we hope to cultivate for all travelers!

The Castle staff—without exception—were gracious, welcoming, and engaging. They’re what brings the property to life and makes the program an absolutely exceptional experience.