Athletics Liaison with Title IX

Erin Brennen, Senior Associate Director, Athletics
erin_brennen [at]
(617) 824-8490

Faculty Affairs Liaison with Title IX

Carol Parker, Assistant Vice President for Faculty Affairs
carol_parker [at]
(617) 824-8912

Los Angeles Program Liaison with Title IX

Timothy Chang, Associate Dean of Student Life & Administration
timothy_chang [at]
(323) 952-6411

Kasteel Well Liason with Title IX

Tikesha Morgan, Senior Advisor for Student Affairs, Kasteel Well
tikesha_morgan [at]

Human Resource Liaison with Title IX

Shari Stier, Senior Associate Vice President/ Chief Human Resources Officer
shari_stier [at]
(617) 824-8133

ISA & LGBTQ Liaison with Title IX

tamia jordan, Senior Associate Vice President/ Chief Human Resources Officer
tamia_jordan [at]
(617) 824-8438

Enrollment Management Liaison with Title IX

Sharon Duffy, Assistant Vice President, Student Affairs
sharon_duffy [at]
(617) 824-8640

Emerson College Police Department Liaison with Title IX

Robert Smith, Emerson College Police Chief
robert_smith [at]
(617) 824-8979

The Title IX Team may include Investigator(s) employed or retained by the College, and others as deemed necessary by the Title IX Coordinator.