The Career Development Center encourages all students to consider a variety of experiential learning opportunities during their time at Emerson College. These experiences, often shared between a student and an employer, offer more than a chance to expand one’s professional network—they are a student’s best way of developing the professional skills needed for a full-time career.

Internships allow students to gain first-hand experience in the workplace under employer supervision. These opportunities may be paid, for academic credit only, or for-credit and paid.

Finding Internships

Handshake offers the most up-to-date resources for those seeking internships in Boston, Los Angeles, New York City, and beyond. Positions that have been posted here have been reviewed and approved by our office to ensure that students are able to find the most relevant and timely positions.

Students may use additional internship search sites such as LinkedIn and Indeed to supplement what is found on Handshake. If you are unable to find an internship, our office can support you in finding the right fit. Schedule an appointment to get the conversation started.

For-Credit Internships

Students have the option to gain first-hand experience in the workplace under employer supervision while also receiving academic credit from the College. These credit-bearing opportunities may be paid positions or unpaid depending on the host organization’s policies. Internships may count for 1, 4, or 8 credits. Academic Internships must be completed within the start and end dates of the semester a student is receiving credit. 

Please note that students may not use Emerson College as the host organization for a credit-bearing internship.

A Brief Look at For-Credit Internships

  • For-Credit Internships must be reviewed and approved by the Career Development Center and the Departmental Internship Coordinator running your internship course (499 for Undergraduates, 699 for Graduates, and PDE100 for 1-Credit Internships).
  • For-Credit Internships are attached to coursework within the semester. Students cannot receive retroactive credit for internships completed outside of their respective course.
  • Students can complete a for-credit internship as early as the Summer of their First Year, depending on their current class standing and if they have completed one semester with the college.

For more information on pursuing a for-credit internship, please visit our Internship Requirements page.

Resources for Unpaid Internships

Unpaid Internships create equity issues and put low-income students at a disadvantage. Our office encourages all employers to consider providing monetary compensation in addition to any credit-bearing opportunity, however, a significant number of unpaid roles still exist.

Those seeking assistance for their unpaid internship may consider applying for the Emerson Enhancement Fund (EEF).

Students may also apply for any private scholarship or grant to support their experience. The Office of Financial Aid has identified several scholarships meeting this need.

Find Private Scholarship Opportunities