The most important thing a parent can do for their student is to encourage them to visit or contact the Career Development Center to establish a regular line of communication. This communication will assist your student in designing a personal career path while making them aware of the numerous opportunities awaiting them at Emerson College.

How You Can Help

Parents may assist students by being contributing to their student’s academic and professional progress and by being a part of the larger Emerson College community.

Some ways you can get involved are:

  • Encourage your student to make full use of our office’s resources. This includes reminders to visit Careerbuzz for regular career advice and opportunities as well prompting them to explore Handshake, our new platform for jobs and internships which connects students with over 180,000 employers.
  • Become a part of Emerson Connections, our database of contacts available to Emerson students for networking and informational interviews. Your participation will contribute to our students’ career readiness as they are able to contact you as a source for career information.
  • Look for employment opportunities your company may be interested in. Our office holds the Internship & Career Fair each Fall and Spring semester to assist in students’ search for employment opportunities and in employers’ recruiting efforts. Learn how your company get involved with Emerson College.

Contact our office for more engagement opportunities. We are always grateful to have your support as we continue to prepare your students for a successful post-graduate career.