Mission Statement

The mission of the EBONI Mentoring Program is to encourage EBONI student engagement at Emerson College. EBONI alumni can be an anchor for underclassmen who need support adjusting to college as they clarify their plans and make the most of their academic careers, both as students of color and as future diverse professionals entering the fields of communication and the arts.  Alumni provide overall support, guidance and industry advice. By establishing personal connections with EBONI alumni, students can better navigate college life and set firm goals for their academic and career success.

Mentee Program Student Guideline

  1. Think about what you hope to get from the relationship. It’s helpful to think about your needs as a student. (Campus life, personal, academics, career)
  2. Manage your expectations. Remember that a relationship takes time to develop, and will go both ways as you get to know one another and they learn about you.
  3. Maintain consistent communication. Mentors want to support you along the way. Based on you and your mentor’s schedule, you’ll be able to find times to meet up, but always stay in touch should things arise, or you need to reschedule with them.
  4. Reach out periodically. It’s perfectly fine to reach out to your mentor if you’d like to chat or check in about a particular issue or question.
  5. Stay involved. The mentor/student relationship can be a great launch pad to discovering/rediscovering Emerson and what it has to offer. This is a time to get support in cultivating interests and building on experiences for your career.
  6. Be open to learning new things. This relationship can help you learn more about yourself as your mentor provides insight and wisdom from their own lives.
  7. What do you want to do with them? If you’re both local, you can consider places, events, shows, etc., to attend with your mentor and vice versa.

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