Students who wish to attend and explore a class without working for or expecting to receive formal credit, may audit a course under the following guidelines: 

  • Students who audit a course may not participate in class, do not take examinations, and do not submit papers.
  • Students may only audit lecture-type courses. Students may not audit production, studio, dance classes or voice lessons because those classes require active participation.
  • Audited courses will carry the grade of AUD on the transcript, which does not calculate into the GPA.    
  • Students must gain permission to audit a course from the course instructor and may not register to audit a course until the first day of classes to give priority to students needing it for credit. 
  • Students may only register to audit, or change back from an audit to credit, until the end of the semester's add/drop period. 
  • Students are charged a $30.00 per credit audit fee.   
  • Students may not overload with an audit unless they have met the eligibility requirements for overloading.  
  • Students may not attend any course without registering for it as either credit or audit.

Students may register to audit a course on or after the first day of classes by completing the Permission to Audit Form.

Typically, an auditing student takes up a seat in the class, but the faculty member may approve the student to over enroll, assuming there is adequate or extra space in the classroom. Please be aware that if the class is Flex, then adding an extra student will only be allowed within safe distancing guidelines. If the course is online, then it is up to the Faculty member to accept additional students.