The Emerson Matching Project looks to match available work/projects with available talent during this time of physical distance. Many are working remotely; however, not all jobs are fully conducive to remote work. This project is an opportunity to connect operational needs with the talents of individual Emerson employees who may have availability and be able to advance some long-awaited projects.

Projects may include the creation of documents, videos, auditing information, data clean-up, troubleshooting technological issues, project management, phone calls, etc. The goal is to empower all employees to be productive and utilize your skills in a fulfilling way, as well as enhance your connection with other areas of the Emerson community.

Next Steps 

  • Staff who have availability given the current situation, are asked to complete the Skills Form and share it with Human Resources.
  • Departments with small or large projects are asked to complete the Project Form and provide Human Resources with a description of the project(s) and a contact person.
  • The list of projects will be circulated to staff interested in assisting. Staff members will be asked to review the project list, identify what looks interesting and matches their unique skill set and contact the project lead.
  • The list of available staff and their unique skills, will be circulated to the project leads, and asked to contact the individual(s) who appears to be a good match for the project.
  • The department and the individual can then talk and decide if it is a good match. 
  • All time will be recorded and charged as usual, regardless of the department/project.
  • Overtime is not allowed.

This is a great opportunity to learn about other areas of the college and utilize your skills to their full potential, as well as to learn, grow and contribute to an existing need. If you have any questions, please contact Janet Pohli at janet_pohli [at] emerson.edutitle="E-mail janet_pohli [at] emerson.edu".