Monthly Passes

If you are signed up for a monthly pass, you can go to the WageWorks site by April 1 to turn off your May transit order. (Please note that passes for April have already been ordered and paid for by WageWorks, thus there is no opportunity to turn off April orders.) We don't know yet if the MBTA will provide any refunds to WageWorks for passes; if that happens, we will notify you.

Commuter Cards

If you have a WageWorks commuter debit card, you may also wish to make a change or end your contributions to that card. The dates for making those changes are also the first of the prior month. Please note that the funds on these cards do not expire as long as you are an employee.

Changes/Canceling Your Pass

All order changes must be made by the first day of the prior month. For example, changes to your orders for May must be made by April 1. WageWorks is working with transit and parking providers to credit April’s transit or parking pass to a future order. For details, visit the WageWorks website.  

Parking Orders

Any changes to parking orders must also be made by the first day of the prior month.