Starting Monday, March 16, managers and their teams began reviewing their Business Continuity plans and assessing what work can be accomplished remotely. They have been identifying what tools and resources they need to support the transition to virtual classroom learning and temporary remote work. As managers and their vice presidents deem appropriate, staff will work remotely through Friday, April 3.

Managers and their direct reports must complete the Work-Anywhere-Expectation Worksheet. This will ensure clarity of expectations and alignment in work, focus, and deliverables. These must be updated regularly. Work-Anywhere-Expectation Worksheets should be shared with area VPs.

Managers are encouraged to assess the needs of their team and implement adjusted or remote schedules as needed to support their staff while still accomplishing their daily and strategic objectives. Human Resources will provide managers with resources on suggested schedule adjustments, tips for managing remote teams, and other information to empower them to support their staff. If you have questions or concerns, we encourage you to reach out to HR.