This pandemic has challenged the Emerson community in ways we never imagined possible. Over the past months, the College has had to reinvent the ways it supports its core mission. Here’s a snapshot of what goes into keeping all members of the campus community safe and informed:

  • Nearly $2 million in rented residential living spaces
  • $1.8 million in COVID-19 testing services 
  • $1.5 million in health and safety, and teaching and technology consultants
  • Nearly $700,000 in additional classroom space
  • $300,000 in temporary space modifications
  • $175,000 in Personal Protective Equipment
  • $250,000 in additional cleaning services

And we are not done yet; the urgency of the pandemic is still very much present and continues to push the College to support its students, faculty, and staff in new ways. From weekly testing in partnership with Tufts Medical Center and the Broad Institute, to the purchasing of Personal Protective Equipment for community members, additional cleaning services, temporary space modifications, outside consultants, and rental of off-campus housing and classroom spaces that allow us to de-densify campus, the College has incurred over $6.7 million in unforeseen expenses. And this number continues to grow.

Your gift to the COVID-19 Impact Fund will go towards things like PPE, COVID-19 testing, teaching & technology, temporary space modifications, and more. These items are imperative in helping all members of the Emerson community stay safe and focus on what they do best: teaching, supporting, experimenting, innovating, and moving the world forward.

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