Learn more about different areas to give and ways of supporting Emerson below, and how your role plays a part in ensuring current and future Emersonians have access to the full Emerson experience.

Funds and Methods of Giving

Our Top Priorities

As we rise to the challenge of supporting a community through the COVID-19 pandemic and economic crisis, the College is committed to raising 10 million dollars in immediate-use financial aid over the next three years. These dollars will keep students on course, unburden families, and allow all our students to continue pursuing the dreams they’ve worked so hard for. Explore our top priority funds now.

Parents Fund

You have always played an integral role in your child’s education. And although your student may only spend four years at Emerson, you and your family will be linked to the College throughout your lives. Learn more about how you can invest in your student’s education above and beyond tuition.

School & Program-based Funds

Whether it’s equipment, study abroad opportunities, meal swipes, project funds, or the chance to take an unpaid internship, explore some of these other common funds that help to define the Emerson experience everyday.

Planned Giving

A planned gift through Emerson is an excellent way to accomplish both personal and charitable goals. Explore how you can create a brighter future for the College, its students, and society.

Corporate & Foundation Giving

Corporate & Foundation Giving activities positively impact students, faculty, curriculum, facilities and many other initiatives that contribute to the creative culture at Emerson.

Class Giving

Participating in your class gift—whether it be your Senior Class Gift or your 50th Reunion Class Gift—is your way of showing how much Emersonians stick together.

Faculty & Staff Giving

Emerson’s Faculty & Staff are the backbone of the College—it is because of them that students are able to have such wonderful experiences and grow to become some of the most successful leaders in their respective industries.

Other Ways to Support

Generosity comes in many forms. It might be providing your creative input, sharing a meal or cup of coffee, or a connection that leads to a first internship.