Start picturing yourself at Emerson.

Already know Emerson is the place for you? Confirm your enrollment and submit your deposit. You can submit your deposit online in the Admission Portal using a major credit card or electronic check. After you log in, click “View Your Admission Decision” and scroll down to find the link to deposit. Your enrollment deposit deadline can be found on your acceptance letter in your Admission Portal.


Still making up your mind? There are a number of ways to connect, visit, and engage with us before you confirm your enrollment. Explore virtual events, video tours, student interviews, and more; or reach out to an Admission Counselor to ask any questions you have and discuss why Emerson is the right fit for you.

What’s Next? After Confirming Enrollment

Take the Next Steps

Read about next steps and view your enrollment timeline for the next few months as you transition to Emerson.

Create Your Emerson Account

After you submit your enrollment deposit, you’ll receive an email inviting you to sign up for an Emerson account. Please do so as soon as possible!

Remember: Watch for Updates!

Your Emerson Gmail account is the primary way in which Emerson College will communicate with you. We recommend you check it regularly.

Submit Proof of Graduation

Fall Semester Deadline: JULY 15
Spring Semester Deadline: JANUARY 5

All incoming students must provide proof of secondary school graduation before they will be allowed to attend Emerson. Acceptable forms of proof of graduation are outlined on the proof of graduation page.

Please mail proof of graduation to:

Emerson College Undergraduate Admission
120 Boylston Street, Boston, MA 02116

Submit Health Information

Fall Semester Deadline: JULY 15
Spring Semester Deadline: JANUARY 5

All incoming students are required to register and log in to the secure Online Student Health (OSH) Portal to complete a medical history, submit immunization records, and complete a Tuberculosis Risk Assessment Questionnaire. To get started, download the Immunization Verification Form to bring to your health care provider to complete, sign, and date. You will need the form to enter information in the OSH.

Pay Tuition Bill

Fall 2024 Semester Deadline: AUGUST 1

Tuition bills will be available online by late June and are due by August 1.

Spring 2025 Semester Deadline: DECEMBER 15

Tuition bills will be available online by mid-November and are due by December 15.

Fall 2025 Semester Deadline: AUGUST 1

Tuition bills will be available online by late June and are due by August 1.

Other Admission Options

Request a Deferral

If you would like to request to defer your enrollment for one or two semesters, we recommend that you first contact an admission counselor. If a counselor recommends that you request to defer:

  • First, submit your $500 nonrefundable enrollment deposit via the Admission Portal.
  • After one business day, you will be able to view your deposit confirmation letter under Admission Decision in the Admission Portal. It includes the option to request a deferral. You will be asked to specify your new desired start term, explain why you wish to defer admission, and explain how you will spend your time between now and your desired start term.
  • Students may request a deferral for four semesters (or 2 years) for the following reasons:
    • Citizenship in a country where you are required to participate in mandatory military service for a duration of 18 months or longer upon turning 18 years of age.
    • Selected for service in Peace Corps
    • Service on an official church or religious mission.

Requests are reviewed by the Admission Committee. Please note the following restrictions for first-year students who defer admission:

  • First-year students may take a total of two courses at another institution while in deferral but may not formally matriculate at another college or university. If you plan to take more than two courses during your deferral or if you plan to formally enroll at another college, you will be required to apply as a transfer student for your desired start term.
  • First-year students offered admission from the fall wait list do not have the option to defer with admission, but we can work with you on reapplying for admission.
  • Transfer students should not plan to take coursework during a deferral. If you do continue taking courses, you must reapply for transfer admission for your desired start term.
  • Performing Arts majors may not request to defer to a spring term.

You will hear from an Admission staff member within one week as to whether your deferral request has been approved.

Decline Admission

If you decline our admission offer, we will be disappointed but hope you will share with us some information about your decision. Please reply to our offer of admission in the Admission Portal by completing a short form indicating your college plans for next year.

Violation of Admission Policy

Emerson College reserves the right to rescind our offer of admission if the College receives information that indicates an applicant: provided misleading information in connection with an application, made incomplete or inaccurate statements, submitted false material in connection with an admission application, had a significant decline in academic performance after submitting the application, engaged in academic misconduct, engaged in disciplinary misconduct at any academic institution or with an employer, engaged in legally prohibited behavior, or otherwise acted in a manner inconsistent with the College’s Code of Community Standards or mission.