The Bachelor of Science in Marketing Communication prepares students for careers and advanced study in the distinct yet related fields of marketing communications in profit and nonprofit contexts. The curriculum is developed through core and elective courses combining theory and practice.

Core courses reflect a guiding philosophy that marketing communication professionals must optimize the contribution of different communication disciplines when developing persuasive programs. Therefore, the core courses emphasize fundamental elements of marketing, advertising, and public relations as well as how they interact in communication programs. Students use elective courses in the program to develop a deeper understanding of how advertising and public relations programs are built.

Take Each of the Following Courses

Number Course Credits
MK 120 Communication, Media & Society 4
MK 121 Marketing & Marketing Communication 4
MK 220 Understanding Consumers 4
MK 221 Messages, Media & Channels 4
MK 222 Brands, Organizations & Strategies 4
MK 480 Capstone: The Integrated Marketing Communication Campaign (Capstone may only be completed on the Boston campus) 4

In addition, all students are required to complete MT 207 Statistics, which may be used to satisfy the Quantitative Reasoning Foundation of the Liberal Arts requirements. All students must demonstrate writing proficiency by passing MK 100 Writing Competency for Marketing Communication via an examination administered by the department during the first year.

*All three of the 200-level courses must be complete before taking any of the 300-level courses.

**MT 207 Statistics must be taken before any of the following Methods and Insights courses.

Choose One Class From Each Of The Following Areas:

Methods and Insights

Number Course Credits
MK 332 Quantitative & Qualitative Research Methods 4
MK 333 Ethnographic Methods & Cultural Analysis 4
MK 334 Online Behavior & Web Analytics 4
MK 336 Customer Analytics and Insight-Driven Marketing 4

Campaign Practices

Number Course Credits
MK 351 Design and Layout 4
MK 352 Creative Concepts & Storytelling 4
MK 353 Visual Literacy 4
MK 354 Writing for PR 4
MK 355 Sales Promotion & Events Management 4
MK 356 Media Relations 4
MK 357 Media Planning & the Customer Journey 4
MK 358 Social Media: Connectivity, Interactivity & Buzz 4

Managing MarComm

Number Course Credits
MK 342 Breakthrough Thinking & Marketing Communication 4
MK 343 Global Brand Strategies & Portfolio Management 4
MK 344 Marketing & Sales, Distribution & Service Relationships 4
MK 346 The Corporate Communications Function & Social Responsibility 4

*One 300-level course from each of the three above areas must be completed before taking any 400-level course.

Choose three (3) additional Marketing courses at the 300 level or 400 level

*One 4-credit internship may apply.

Requirements For The Major

  • All 100-level and 200-level courses, and the 400‐level Capstone course (six total)
  • From the 300 and 400 level: one from each of the three columns, 300‐level (three total); three additional courses, 300‐level or 400‐level (3 total)