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From coast to coast and around the world, we support our pride!

Celebrate our Pride this June!

For so many of our current students and alumni, Emerson represents the beginning of their Pride experience; it’s the place where they found their voices and found themselves. From June 18 to June 25, we will be celebrating our LGBTQIA+ Emersonians and raising money for The Emerson Pride Fund, with a full schedule of virtual and in-person events. Join us for drag bingo, film screenings, in-person gatherings, panels, and so much more. And when you make a gift from June 18th to 25th, you’ll receive the second limited-edition Emerson Pride pin to show how proud you are of our Pride! 

This past year, the Emerson Pride Fund has played an integral role in bringing the queer community on campus together. This was even more impactful after the challenging last few years that our students, faculty, and staff have faced. Under the direction of the Office of Intercultural Student Affairs, the Emerson Pride Fund aided in: furthering discussions on Intersectional Solidarity, celebrating the successes of LGBTQ+ graduates through the Lavender Graduation, reestablishing EAGLE’s (now Emerson’s Advancement Group for Love and Expression) presence on campus and celebrating queer prom, providing cords and support for the Rainbow Reception, supporting the student organizations Theyta, EAGLE, and Spectrum, and so much more. 

Celebrate Our Pride

Your contribution could be the single deciding factor of someone’s entire life. It could be the one thing standing between them and their dreams.

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We Are One Emerson

There is a collaboration and connection at the heart of what it means to be an Emersonian. We may be individuals but we have a shared respect for those who came before us and a shared sense of responsibility for those who’ll come after us. And right now, part of that responsibility includes giving back—giving back our experience to those who need advice, our words to those who need encouragement, and our resources to those who need our support. Together, we can show that we are one Emerson.