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An International Emerson Is an Equitable and Inclusive Emerson

Emerson is dedicated to educating future global citizens who will shape our society and culture.

Our domestic and global programs help students transform their worldviews and pioneer new pathways in their respective fields of study. 

Our commitment to equity and inclusion serves as the foundation of our internationalization efforts. We want to remove financial barriers so every Emerson student has the opportunity to develop intercultural knowledge and realize their leadership potential in our global society firsthand. To advance this work, we have created three funds focused on internationalization and equity:

  • The Internationalization and Equity Fund uplifts the voices of our marginalized students and faculty through new and existing equity programs and initiatives, infuses internationally focused changes into our curriculum, and supports equity-focused education abroad programming. 
  • The International Student Assistance Fund provides assistance to our international students, some of whom face unexpected financial hardship due to loss of family income or have fled their home countries due to poverty or war. Financial support from this fund ensures that they can complete their Emerson chapter.
  • The Education Abroad Assistance Fund opens doors for more Emerson students to participate in global programming and not only immerse themselves in new cultures, but also gain understanding of the global context of their fields.

Help us sustain a bold and borderless Emerson by supporting our internationalization and equity funds during International Education Week November 14 to 18. Thank you for your contribution to our tight-knit community!

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There is a collaboration and connection at the heart of what it means to be an Emersonian. We may be individuals but we have a shared respect for those who came before us and a shared sense of responsibility for those who’ll come after us. And right now, part of that responsibility includes giving back—giving back our experience to those who need advice, our words to those who need encouragement, and our resources to those who need our support. Together, we can show that we are one Emerson.