Time Savers from Instructional Technology Group (ITG)

Summer courses are open to faculty in Canvas.emerson.edu.

Please note: These classes have a modified version of what we use for the online Canvas courses (modules, discussions, weekly overview pages that list readings and viewings). Our hope is that these elements will provide a starting point for faculty who are new to setting up Canvas. Feel free to delete anything you don’t find useful. 

We have also turned on Ally for all summer courses. Ally allows students to access material indifferent formats and helps faculty see at a glance what accessibility issues a student might encounter.

Grading in Canvas

In addition to reviewing these resources, you can reach out to the Instructional Technology Group (ITG) for assistance. The Canvas gradebook can be intimidating if you’ve never used it before.

Review Canvas Gradebook Guide

2U Professional Development

Emerson faculty now have access to 2U webinars on facilitating Zoom sessions and other strategies for teaching online. 

These resources include:

  • Live webinars
  • Practice sessions, and
  • The opportunity to connect with faculty at NYU and other institutions who have extensive online teaching experience

There is no limit on how many sessions you can join! Please go to 2U: No Back Row Pro signup. Once you submit your name and Emerson email address, you will receive a message from 2U Faculty Success.