I. All Students

  • Students may freely add and drop courses for the first five days of the semester (the first week) if there is a seat available in the class and they meet course prerequisites. Students in need of academic advice regarding add/drops may be assisted through the Academic Advising Center. Questions regarding add/drop can also be directed to the Registrar's Office.
  • After the fifth day of the semester, during the second week, permission from the instructor is required to add a course. Faculty members are often reluctant to add a student to a class during the second week, so it is best to finalize your course schedule during the open add/drop period of the first week. Students wishing to drop a class (or add a class after receiving permission) during the second week may do so online.
  • After the tenth day of classes, no course can be added except by an approved petition and no course can be added that increases a student's billing charges, except through a petition that requires the approval of Student Accounts and, if applicable, Financial Assistance. Students are charged a late registration fee for courses added after the tenth day of class.
  • Dropping a course after the tenth day of registration is not permitted except through a petition approved by the Dean of Students, or through the Withdrawal option.

II. First-Year Students

  • Schedule changes made through add/drop during the first ten days of Fall semester (as described above) may apply only to the fall schedule. Changes to the spring schedule can be made during the college-wide spring registration period in late November. Exceptions are made for students changing their major, which may necessitate an immediate change of both the fall and spring schedule.
  • First-year students are encouraged to discuss schedule changes with an academic advisor. The Academic Advising Center holds walk-in hours during the first week of each semester and assists all students in need of help on a first-come, first-serve basis. Call the Advising Center (617/824-7876) for exact dates and hours of walk-ins.
  • First-year students may NOT drop the required first-year writing courses (WR101 and WR121) or interdisciplinary course (IN100-level). However, students may change sections of these required courses. For example, a student may change the section of WR101 from WR101C to WR101R if section R has a seat open and meets at a more convenient time. Or a student may change from IN111 to IN123 if IN123 has a seat open and focuses on a topic that the student finds more interesting.