Equipment Workshops

For the Fall 2023 semester, all tech sessions will continue to have attendee limits for each session, and most will be held in 172 Tremont, room 403, unless otherwise noted (e.g., Advanced Grip & Overheads are held outside, weather permitting). There are one or two sessions available on each scheduled workshop day, each will run for 1 to 2 hours.

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Wondering what the heck a C-stand is, or trying to tie a square knot? Along with our workshops, you can find extensive lighting & grip information videos.

Workshop Topics

ARRI Alexa 35

Covers menu operations, chroma, color bit depth, configuring the camera for ARRIRAW, ProRes 422 HQ workflows, and media downloading procedures. Upon completion of this workshop, students may be eligible to use the Alexa 35 for MFA, BFA, and potentially BA projects, depending on coursework registration and availability. This is a certification workshop.

Canon C70

The Canon C70 has joined our inventory and is available for numerous courses. Come have a hands-on session where we consider the basic functions and go over many of the features that make this compact Super35 camcorder great.

Log, LUT's & Looks

This workshop will cover Canon C-Log and ARRI LogC4 recording which are available on a number of our camcorders. These recording modes unlock advanced “flat'' logarithmic and Hybrid Log-Gamma Picture Profiles, enable HDR (high dynamic range) and SDR (standard dynamic range) recording for dynamic post production color grading as well as a unique in-camera workflow for flexibility in post and delivery. Newly tuned picture tone settings provide improved image control.

High-Output LED's

This workshop covers the technical and aesthetic use of newly designed high-output COB LED fixtures including Aputure and Creamsource models. Topics will also include LED versus Tungsten, color correction, system components and troubleshooting.

Advanced Grip and Overheads

This workshop covers rigging when using oversize or overhead grip equipment such as the “Butterfly” frames and their included scrims as well as the Menace arm lighting extension rig and moving rigs such as the Kessler Jib. Crew and equipment safety is the primary focus of these workshops, however, setup and operational use is covered as well. These are certification workshops.

Rigging I & II

The Paramount Soundstage Rigging Bootcamp 1 covers grip equipment, electrical safety, and setting lights from a technical standpoint and completion allows students to crew on a soundstage project as well as continue to Rigging Bootcamp 2. These followup sessions cover a range of items such as C-stands, dolly and track, overheads, hanging lights from ceilings and other rigging points, setting a backlight, rigging a menace arm, dolly use, and some camera rigging. See the Paramount Soundstage schedule for further details. These Rigging Boot Camps are held at the Paramount Soundstage (PARA 403). These are certification workshops for soundstage crew positions.

Completion of Rigging I is required to attend Rigging Bootcamp II.

Camera Stabilizers

To improve the quality of your handheld filming on your next dynamic camera production, consider using one of the excellent Easyrig Minimax support systems for use with the A7sII, X-T3, C70, or FS5; or consider the Easyrig Vario 5 for use with the larger FS7, F5, or C300 camcorders.

The Easyrig Vario 5 requires potential users to read the VMA Easyrig Vario 5 guide, and answer a single question to become certified for its reservation and use.

Please be advised that we are no longer vending the Steadicam Zephyr system.


Emerson VMA Department utilizes an array of specialized film production equipment that requires safe and effective handling and operation.

The following linked videos are available on YouTube: