Equity, Access, and Social Justice

Community Equity Action Plan

Dismantling systemic oppression, including racism, ableism, as well as other forms of power-based and identity-based harm, is a College-wide issue that requires College-wide action.

We are committed to grow in knowledge and empathy about the ways in which the power dynamics of systemic oppression are embedded in the culture at Emerson as an institution. We are committed to using that understanding to interrogate and address policies and practices that reinforce structural oppression, or exclude, diminish, and alienate members of our community and society.  

We will continue to update Emerson’s Community Equity Action Plan as we make progress toward this commitment. Our commitment to creating a culture of equity and accountability at Emerson is only as strong as our willingness to carry out this hard work inclusively and transparently.

General Feedback

We welcome all comments, questions, and feedback on our Community Equity Action Plan and website. You can always reach out to us at communityequity [at] emerson.edu (communityequity[at]emerson[dot]edu).

Demands & Actions

The work that lies ahead in creating a culture of accountability involves every aspect and component of the College.