The Emerson College Accessibility Advisory Board includes representation from students, faculty and staff. Some members are appointed as a focus of their position on campus while others are appointed for two year terms.

The Board meets twice a semester and focuses on the establishment of priority projects and requests. Depending on the nature of the priority, other members of the college community may be requested to participate in specific projects/conversations.

Questions related to the Accessibility Advisory Board can be directed to the Charis: Jim Hoppe, Vice President and Dean of Campus Life, and Diane Paxton, Director of Student Accessibility Services.


  1. To establish and monitor priorities for college focusing on improving access and increasing the application of universal design principles.
  2. As priorities are identified the board will identify and involve relevant members of the student body, faculty, and staff in workgroups addressing the issue.
  3. To monitor progress in meeting priorities and provide regular reports to the College community.
  4. To be forward-thinking regarding accessibility as intrinsic to Emerson’s philosophy and role as a leader in inclusive excellence and to assist in the development of long-term planning and design, with a goal of strategically enhancing the accessibility of the campus community in Boston, Los Angeles, and global programs.
  5. To work proactively and collaboratively with individuals and departments as they design and implement accessible programs and spaces that demonstrate Emerson’s commitment to Inclusive Excellence for community members with disabilities.
  6. To Increase sensitivity and awareness among students, faculty, and staff at Emerson about a social justice model for the full inclusion of individuals with disabilities.
  7. To encourage greater understanding around and implementation of principles of  Universal Design for Learning and for Places.


Membership includes:


Vice President & Dean for Campus Life
Director of Student Accessibility Services

Campus Life

Assistant Vice President for Campus Life - Campus Life


Assistant Vice President for Student Success

Information Technology

Associate Vice President for Instructional Technology

Academic Affairs

Assistant Provost for Faculty Affairs
Director of Instructional Technology

Administration & Finance

Associate Vice President for Finance
Assistant Vice President for Facilities and Campus Services
Director of Employee Engagement, Human Resources
Director of Facilities Services

Institutional Advancement

Associate Vice President for Communications and Marketing
Director of Web & Digital Services

Emerson Los Angeles

Associate Vice President & COO

Social Justice Collaborative

Director of Diversity and Equity Initiatives

Student Representation

SGA Accessibility Commissioner, Student Government Association
Chair of Access: Student Disability Union

Members with three-year terms

Two Faculty members

Members with one-year terms (option to continue)

One undergraduate at large student
One graduate at large student