Process for Academic Exploration and Engagement

Faculty/Academic Affairs

After discussions with the academic cabinet and the president of the faculty assembly, we will use existing faculty committees for advice and consultation, rather than create a separate and new working group. These committees include: President and Provost’s Advisory CommitteeFaculty Council, the Liberal Arts Council (LAC) and the Liberal Arts Curriculum Committee. This is an Emersonian approach to working groups, and the work will be spread across faculty committees. Both Marlboro and Emerson groups will work separately and jointly on academic matters.

The President and Provost’s Advisory Committee, a standing committee of Faculty Assembly, will provide advice, feedback, and guidance to the President and Provost on academic matters related to the Emerson and Marlboro alliance. The President and Provost’s Advisory Committee members are:

The Liberal Arts Council (LAC), open to all liberal arts faculty and attended by an affiliated faculty liaison, Jamie Lichtenstein, and the Liberal Arts Curriculum Committee (Chair: Amy Vashlishan-Murray, Betsy Baeten, Eileen McBride, Yasser Munif) with the Director for Faculty Development, Wyatt Oswald, and chair of the Department Promotion and Tenure Committee (DPTC), Sam Binkley, will discuss and recommend process and curricular adjustments for the IDIP as the college seeks to accept current Marlboro students, as well as recruit new students. In accord with changes made last year, these will go to the Academic Cabinet and to the Undergraduate Curriculum Committee for final approval. Dean Amy Ansell will participate and coordinate.

Vice President Ruthanne Madsen and the provost will co-convene an ad hoc student academic support committee consisting of staff from the registrar, advising, the international office, ITG, the library, and transfer and records specialists from admissions to determine how to manage student records, transcripts, visas, placement in classes, and archival material.

Note: The Provost and President will regularly consult with Faculty Council on academic matters related to the alliance throughout this process.

Trustee Gary Grossman, chair of the academic affairs committee of the Board of Trustees, will be consulted and apprised of academic matters by the provost and will provide oversight and guidance on behalf of the Board of Trustees.


Updates to Faculty Assembly by the Advisory Committee and/or Council should occur regularly in the spring semester. The Liberal Arts Curriculum committee, which will connect with Marlboro’s faculty working group on curriculum, will have proposals for the IDIP process and curriculum ready for the LAC by February 14, 2020.