In case of an alcohol, marijuana, or drug emergency our primary concern is health and safety for the student(s.) Emerson College’s Help Seeking Policy (HSP) has been established to reduce barriers related to seeking help for those in need.

If you or a friend is in need of help, please seek assistance from:

  • Building staff (i.e., Resident Assistants, Residence Directors, Desk Staff etc.) 
  • Emerson College Police 617-824-8888
  • Calling 911

Emerson College acknowledges there may be times when students may face medical emergencies due to heavy drinking, marijuana, and/or drug use. In a situation where students seek medical attention for an alcohol, marijuana or other drugs-related medical emergency, the College will treat the students’ use of alcohol or prohibited substances as a matter of health and safety, not as a violation to the Code of Community Standards. This policy covers the student receiving medical attention, and the student(s) who call for help. In addition, to encourage reporting and seeking help, this policy will be extended to any students who report in good faith that they witnessed or are the victim of a crime or a significant violation of Emerson policies (i.e., Sexual Violence, Hazing) even though they may have been under the influence of alcohol, marijuana or other drugs at the time of the incident.

Students who utilize this policy will have a follow-up meeting with Campus Life Staff. The meeting will serve as a reflective conversation to discuss healthy choices, decision making, and make connections to resources based on the needs of the student(s.) The incident will be noted as a Help Seeking Policy with the Office of Community Standards, no sanctions will be given to students seeking help.

Please note that this policy does not excuse or protect those who repeatedly or flagrantly violate the College’s policies regarding alcohol, marijuana or other drugs. This policy will also not cover students whose conduct placed the health or safety of any other person at risk.