Student Conduct Records

Student conduct records include, but are not limited to, incident / police reports, hearing notifications, Resolution Panel notifications, hearing outcome notifications, notice of sanctions, Administrative / Conduct Board Hearing rationales, Resolution Panel rationales, and any documents submitted in course of the Student Conduct Process. These documents shall be the property of the College and shall be maintained in accordance with Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) by the Office of Community Standards for at least seven (7) years after a student graduates or withdraws from the College.

Transcript Notations

If the College notes a sanction on a transcript (see the "Sanctions" section under the "Student Conduct Process" for which sanctions incur a transcript notation), this notation will not describe the violation or incident that resulted in the sanction. If a student leaves (defined below) or withdraws from the College with (1) a Title IX complaint pending against them or (2) a student conduct code violation pending for conduct that reportedly harmed another individual(s) or the community, the College will note the following on the student’s transcript: “Voluntarily withdrew [day/month/year], with College disciplinary charges pending. This notation does not constitute a finding or admission of responsibility.” This notation will remain on the student’s transcript until the charge or complaint is resolved under the College’s Policy Against Discrimination, Harassment & Sexual Violence or through the College’s Student Conduct Process.

Student Leave: A student is considered to have left or be on leave from the College for the duration of an approved “Leave of Absence” or pursuant to an “administrative withdrawal” declared by the Registrar. The College has the discretion to place a student in “administrative withdrawal” status when the enrolled student has multiple consecutive unexcused absences from all registered classes.