Mexico: Rosarito Public Diplomacy Workshop

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Program Dates

June 17 through July 8, 2024

*Students should arrange to arrive to San Diego International Airport (SAN) on the morning of the program start date. 

Program Overview

This 3-week program will provide students with the opportunity to study public diplomacy and civic engagement in theory and practice in Rosarito, Mexico. Students will meet with change agents and organizations who have successfully engineered grassroots efforts to bridge cultural and political divides between the United States and Mexico. Special attention will be focused on diverse communication challenges and how politics, economics, and culture influence such efforts. Within the border and immigration issue context, students will apply their knowledge in coordinating, planning and implementing a student film festival in Rosarito, Mexico as part of an ongoing post crisis effort to bridge cultures. Main topics will include:

  1. History of Rosarito and Baja Mexico–politics, economics and media.
  2. History of border and immigration issues (Mexican and U.S. perspectives).
  3. Grassroots approaches/campaigns to address the crisis (national and international).
  4. Background of the Rosarito Film Festival as part of a long-term crisis management/promotional activity.
  5. Development of PR campaign at Rosarito Film Festival, 6) Production of documentary Mexico experience as a PD/CE project.

Program Eligibility & Admission

  • Open to rising juniors and seniors as well as select graduate students.
  • Recommended for Communication StudiesMarketing Communication, and Political Communication students, but open to all students.
  • Limited to 15 students.

Course Information

Taken for a total of either 4 or 8 credits. Students will be required to be enrolled by Emerson College in ONE or BOTH of the following courses:


  • CC 480 - Public Diplomacy Workshop (4 credits)
  • CC 498
  • Undergraduate-Level Directed Study (4 credits) *optional


  • CC 680 - Public Diplomacy Workshop (4 credits)
  • CC 697
  • Graduate-Level Directed Study (4 credits) *optional

Academic Highlights

  • Students will plan and implement a student film festival in Rosarito, Mexico, as part of an ongoing post-crisis effort to bridge cultures.
  • Some students will work on production; others will work on promotion and project management.
  • Students will dialogue with advocates of various perspectives on the border issue, including NGOs, government and grassroots groups.
  • Engagements will be held with the U.S. Consulate in Tijuana, Mexico, and representatives from the Mexican Baja government.

Cultural Highlights

  • Enjoy a local sports game.Taste the best fish tacos you will ever have.
  • Develop and enhance your Spanish language skills while collaborating with local students and grassroots organizations.
  • Understand for yourself the experiences of crossing the U.S. / Mexico border from both directions.
  • Gain a first-hand experience with one of the most polarizing and partisan issues of our day: immigration.

Cost & Inclusions

Program Fee


$7,710 (UG 4 credits)
$11,110 (UG 8 credits)


$9,918 (G 4 credits)
$15,526 (G 8 credits)

Included in Program Fee

  • Tuition (4 or 8 credits)
  • Registration Fee
  • Housing at local hotel
  • Most local transportation
  • Course materials
  • Excursions

Not Included in Program Fee

  • Round-trip airfare to/from San Diego (Est. $700)
  • Most meals and incidental or personal expenses
  • Passports (or visas, if required)
  • International Health Insurance*

*May be waived by those with alternate comparable insurance.

*Health Insurance Coverage: Participants must have an insurance plan that provides coverage while abroad. If you feel your current insurance is not adequate, please research a plan that is.

For information on Supplemental Health Plans, please visit our Health Insurance Requirements page.