Prague: Summer Film Program

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Program Dates

June 15 through July 13, 2024

Students should arrange to arrive in Prague on the morning of the program start date. 

Program Overview

The Prague Summer Film Program is an intensive course in production and studies that offers Emerson film students an unparalleled experience. The Academy of Performing Arts (FAMU) is one of Europe's oldest and finest film academies and is rated one of the top film and television schools in the world. FAMU alumni include famous writers and directors Jiri Menzel, Milan Kundera, Milos Forman, Vaclav Havel, Vera Chytilova and Agnieszka Holland, among many others.

Students who participate in the program should be highly motivated and able to manage their expectations and work collaboratively with other students. Students will work in teams of two to produce a 5-7 minute digital film. Every student will depart the program with a film.

Students will study on the campus of the Academy of Performing Arts for Film and TV (FAMU) ranked as one of the top film and television schools in the world by the Hollywood Reporter. For four weeks, students will attend lectures, take special tours and trips, shoot a 35mm cinematography exercise in a sound stage, and produce short HD films.

All participants meet regularly with FAMU professors and mentors. Students should be prepared to work at a fast pace while managing production training, class lectures, group excursions, and everyday life in the city of Prague. Students who are most successful in this program are independent, hard-working, open-minded, and willing to change course on a minute's notice. Students learn through the production process itself, class lectures, and on-site workshops. Courses are taught in English.

The first course in Cinematic Language is a production course that involves an intensive, weeks-long series of workshops. These workshops include lighting and 35mm cinematography workshop on a soundstage; short script development; casting, location scouting, acting, shooting, directing, and editing of a 5- to 7-minute HD film. FAMU and Emerson College faculty will evaluate students.

The second course is a film studies course on the history and development of Czech and Slovak cinema with emphasis on the Czech New Wave, one of the most influential film movements of the post–World War II era. Special tours and lectures are planned at Barrandov Studios, Jiri Trnka’s Animation Studios and a two-night excursion to the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival (KVIFF). Additional lectures and discussions will feature Czech film directors. Past guest speakers have included Jiri Menzel, Jaromil Jires, Alice Nellis, Jiri Barta, and Jan Nemec.

Program Eligibility & Admission

  • Limited to 24 students.
  • Open to rising juniors and seniors.

Course Information

Students will be registered for two courses for a total of 8 credits. Students will be required to be enrolled by Emerson College in BOTH of the following courses:


  • VM 400 - Topics in Visual & Media Arts: Studies (4 credits)
  • VM 420 - Topics in Media Arts: Practice (4 credits)

Travel Opportunities

Travel is a meaningful part of the educational experience in this program. Students will attend the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival (KVIFF) as well as tour the historic North Bohemian district. This festival is one of the oldest film festivals in Europe, and ranks alongside Venice and Cannes. KVIFF annually presents more than 200 new films from all over the world. In addition to travel to Karlovy Vary, students will travel to the historic town of Terezin which served as a transport ghetto during World War II.

Costs & Inclusions

Program Fee:

  • Undergraduate: $12,700
  • Graduate: $14,712

Included in Program Fee

  • Tuition (8 undergraduate or graduate credits)
  • Housing: double room with en-suite bathroom
  • All scheduled excursions (group travel and room costs)
  • Class supplies and use of equipment
  • Admission into art galleries and museums
  • A welcome and farewell dinner
  • A theater event

Not Included in Program Fee

  • Obtaining a passport
  • Most meals
  • Round-trip airfare (A round trip ticket is estimated at $1,000–$1,800)
  • Transportation to and from Prague Airport (estimated at $40 each way)
  • Spending Money for the Prague Program, $1,500–$2,000: Many students will spend more money, some will spend less; the amount you need depends on your personal travel style. A recent survey of former Prague film students revealed these averages for their time in the program
  • International Health Insurance*

*May be waived by those with alternate comparable insurance.

* Health Insurance Coverage in Europe: Participants must have an insurance plan that provides coverage while in Europe. If you have the Emerson College Blue Cross Blue Shield Student Health Plan you are covered in Europe (as required) for participation in the program. If you feel your current insurance is not adequate, please research a plan that is.

For information on Supplemental Health Plans, please visit our Health Insurance Requirements page.

Subject to change.