Salzburg: Creativity, Media & Global Change

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Program Dates

July 15 through July 31, 2024

*Students should arrange to arrive in Salzburg on the morning of the program start date.

Program Overview

The Salzburg: Creativity, Media & Global Change Program invites speakers from literature, business, the arts, education, journalism, law, entertainment and advocacy groups to engage students from different cultures and institutions in hopes of promoting cross-cultural awareness and gaining an understanding of global media systems and their influence on global networks and digital culture. Together, students will debate and examine the effect of media, digital culture and new technology on global issues and themes. Emerson’s Engagement Lab supports this program. Emerson students selected to participate in this program will study in Salzburg, Austria along with 75 other students and faculty from a broad range of universities located around the world.

Program Eligibility & Admission

  • Open to rising sophomores, juniors, and seniors as well as graduate students.
  • Open to all majors and minors.
  • Limited to 12 students.

Course Information

Total of 4 credits. Students will be required to be enrolled by Emerson College in ONE of the following courses:


  • JR 380 - Topics in Profiles/In-Depth Journalism (4 credits)
  • IN 361 - Global Media Literacy: Information & Activism Across Borders, Across Cultures, Across Divides (4 credits)


  • MD 640 - Salzburg Academy of Media & Global Change (4 credits)

Academic Highlights

  • Join a cohort of international college students from over 25 countries around the world to attend seminars and learn how to create media, engage in effective strategic communication, and building innovative action plans for media and global change.
  • Build digital stories, business plans, and content that helps provide innovative insights into the role of media, technology, and activism in changing societies across borders, across cultures, and across divides.

Cultural Highlights

  • Let your work be inspired by your surroundings while staying at Schloss Leopoldskron, a restored 18th century Rococo palace, former home to both King Ludwig I of Bavaria and Max Reinhardt, the famous theater director and co- founder of the Salzburg Festival.
  • You may also recognize Schloss Leopoldskron’s terrace as a major film location for The Sound of Music.
  • As part of your experience, you can also enjoy trips into the Alps, Munich and Vienna!

Cost & Inclusions

Program Fee:

  • Undergraduate: $8,500
  • Graduate: $10,693

Included in Program Fee

  • Tuition (4 credits)
  • Registration Fee
  • Room and Board at Schloss Leopoldskron
  • Salzburg Academy Fee

Not Included in Program Fee

  • Round-trip airfare to/from Salzburg (Est. $1,500)
  • Incidental or personal expenses
  • Course materials
  • Passports (or visas, if required)
  • International Health Insurance*

*May be waived by those with alternate comparable insurance.

*Health Insurance Coverage: Participants must have an insurance plan that provides coverage while abroad. If you feel your current insurance is not adequate, please research a plan that is.

For information on Supplemental Health Plans, please visit our Health Insurance Requirements page.