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Items: Little Building News

From 1922 to 1925, The Little Building even published its own newspaper, The Little Building News. Known as the "City Under One Roof," the Little Building was built in 1917 and was considered one of the finest office buildings of the World War One era. Now one of our beloved dormitories, the Little Building was once home to offices, a shopping arcade, restaurants and even a post office. Digitization of The Little Building News has been made possible thanks to the Digital Commonwealth.

ECHO Timeline

An interactive multimedia exhibit of the history and founding of Emerson College. With events ranging from 1877 to the present day, this timeline offers a glimpse into the unique history of our college.

Historical Images

Photographs highlighting life at Emerson College over the years. Offering a glimpse into the people, places and events that make Emerson the vibrant community it is, Archives and Special Collections has made these photos available.

CWE Homestead

Images from the Rochester, Vermont homestead of our founder, Charles Wesley Emerson. This collection of glass plate negative prints dates from the 1880s and depicts Emerson’s home and family, as well as the surrounding landscape.

Student-Centric Collections

Student Activism

Selected posters and fliers from 1978-2004 documenting events and activities sponsored by Emerson College student organizations, Amigos, Asian Students for Intercultural Awareness (ASIA), and Emerson's Black Organization With Natural Interests (EBONI).


In April and May of 1969, Emerson’s Black Organization with Natural Interests (EBONI) submitted ten proposals to Emerson College’s then president to improve campus conditions for Black students. This collection of digitized materials offers a unique perspective into student activism and the administration's response during this turbulent time. Included in the collection are reports, newspaper clippings, meeting minutes, and internal communication.

Emerson College Theater Productions

Selected photographs, posters, programs, and playbills from theater productions held by Emerson College students, faculty, and staff from the 1900s and onward. These records were digitized by the Digital Commonwealth, Massachusetts' aggregated digital library portal.


Emerson College yearbooks, the Emersonian, have been digitized by the Digital Commonwealth, Massachusetts' aggregated digital library portal. Yearbooks range from 1908 to present day and are full-text searchable and downloadable.

Southwick Recitals

With 101 seasons, The Southwick Recital Series was an Emerson tradition and one of the oldest oratory recitals in the United States. The series featured distinguished Emerson faculty and alumni/a, along with honored guest artists. We are pleased to offer newly digitized versions of the recitals ranging from 1971 to 2001.

Commencement & Promotional Videos

Graduate and undergraduate commencement programs from 2012–2017 as well as various promotional videos and documentaries created by MTP, including those about the Robbins Center, Piano Row, and Move-In Day.

Expression Magazine

Expression Magazine is Emerson College's alumni magazine. We have made the magazines from the years 2001–2018 available online. They discuss events at the College, alumni activities, and other historical and current matters.

Special Collections

Sarah Moore Field Collection

The Sarah Moore Field Collection contains theater programs and playbills dating from the late 1880s to early 1960s. Geographically the collection spans Boston to New York, with the emphasis of the collection depicting Boston theater productions from 1900-1920. The collection was donated to Emerson College by the Sarah Moore Field Estate, North Andover, MA and was digitized by the Digital Commonwealth, Massachusetts' aggregated digital library portal.