Further your career with a Certificate from Emerson College. We offer four Certificates in the Communications and Marketing fields to keep you up-to-date on industry trends and knowledge. Each of our Certificates can be rolled over into an entire Master’s degree to further your education. 

Our Certificate Programs include:

  • Digital Content Management (Online)
  • Public Relations
  • Sports Communication 
  • Political Communication 

Emerson College is a premiere college specializing in arts and communications. Whatever your passion, turn it into a life-long and fulfilling career.

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Digital Content Management (Online)

Develop content strategies applicable to any industry, big or small. You’ll utilize analytics to understand your content’s success, explore how your target audience engages with your content, and learn optimizing techniques (like SEO!) to improve your writing’s performance.

Public Relations

Learn to write crisis communication plans, speeches, and pitches. Choose courses that align with your career interests like User Experience Design, Event Planning, Campaign Management, and more.

Sports Communication

Learn content strategy, social media planning, and more for sports clients ranging from professional athletes and teams to fans. Choose from a variety of courses like Sports Culture and Society, Event Planning, and more.

Political Communication

Grow your skills in polling, social media strategy, speech writing, and more for clients in the political sector. Choose courses that align with your career ambitions like Public Diplomacy and Affairs, Speech Writing, Persuasion and Propaganda, and Research Methods.