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Randy Miller is an award winning composer, arranger, and conductor who has collaborated with such notable filmmakers as Robert Towne, Zhang Yimou, Oliver Stone, Sam Raimi, Pen Densham, David Eick, Sir Anthony Hopkins, and Tom Cruise at all the major studios including Disney, Warner Brothers, Universal and 20th Century Fox.

Miller has created a career that features an artistic blend of acoustic, electronic and orchestral elements that is emotional, richly thematic and sophisticated. 

Miller's composing credits include: The Marvel Experience, Without Limits, Heaven and Earth, Spartacus, Hellraiser III: Hell on Earth, Darkman II: The Return of Durant, Handy Manny and The Outer Limits. Orchestration and conducting credits include: Contagion, Zoolander, Stealth, The Fast and the Furious and The Flintstones.

Miller has recently completed the music scores for six TV films for PixL, as well as the feature documentaries, The Heart of Nuba, produced and directed by Maria Shriver and Kenneth Carlson and The Freedom to Marry.  2018 conducting, orchestrating and additional music credits include the films: Game Night, Breakthrough, What's My Name: Muhammad Ali and The Best of Enemies.


Areas of Expertise

  • Film
  • Music

Awards & Honors

Golden Horse Award Best Original Film Score for The Soong Sisters


Hong Kong Film Award Best Original Score for The Soong Sisters


Video Premiere Award Best Original Score for Prancer Returns