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Andy Miara is a comedy writer, director and teacher. He is the former Head Writer for the Onion News Network (ONN), where he created multiple video series, including ONNCast, The Onion's first daily breaking news video series. Miara also helmed the ONN team that won multiple Webby awards for videos created for corporate partners, including YouTube and the NFL. In television, Miara has created pilots for Comedy Central (including the sketch comedy pilot My Mans, which he co-wrote and directed), Adult Swim, and TruTV, and developed a broadcast pilot for Universal. Miara is currently writing a sci-fi comedy anthology for Sonar Studios.

Miara started his career at The Second City in Chicago, where he directed The Second City National Touring Company. As a teacher, Miara has taught comedy writing at The Second City, where he was a core faculty member in the Second City Training Center. He helped develop Columbia College's highly-regarded Comedy Studies program (administered jointly by Columbia College and The Second City), and taught in that program for over five years. In addition, Miara has taught screenwriting at Northwestern University. Miara has a B.A. in Film Studies from Columbia University and an MFA in Screenwriting/Playwriting/TV Writing from Northwestern University.



B.A., Columbia University
M.F.A., Northwestern University