Cate Schneiderman

Librarian, School of the Arts
Pronouns: (She/Her/Hers)
Cate Schneiderman
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Cate decided she wanted to live in Boston at the age of 12 because of the history and high density of college students. To that end, she attended two undergraduate schools in New England: first a very small, rural liberal arts college followed by a larger, more urban school where she finished her BA in Medieval Studies. Then she took a brief detour to the Midwest in order to get her MLS at Indiana University. When she finally got to move to Boston in 2007 she immediately attached onto the nerdy/queer/polyamourous community. She moved in with three friends with whom still lives in the house they bought together in 2018.

2007--unfortunately--was a difficult time to look for a job and Cate worked for many different libraries before starting part-time at Emerson in 2011. She was hired full-time in 2012 and has held various roles at the Iwasaki Library since then. Currently, she is the Reference Coordinator and you might see her at the Reference Desk, teaching a library instruction class, putting up posters for the Cirque de De-Stress, or handing out candy at Orientation. She’s the person to talk to about holding an event or staging an exhibition in the library. You can also ask her for advice on researching any topic. Some of her favorites are Medieval Spain, sci-fi/fantasy TV and film, and product reviews of the latest electronics.