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David Kishik is the author of To Imagine a Form of Life, a series of paraphilosophical books:

Volume 1, To Imagine a Language, is an examination of the axis around which Ludwig Wittgenstein's evolving thought turns.

Volume 2, The Coming Politics, is a fragmentary investigation of the unitary power behind Giorgio Agamben's work.

Volume 3, A Theory of a City, is an imaginary sequel to Walter Benjamin's Arcades Project, set in twentieth-century New York.

Volume 4, On the Rest of the World, is a radical rereading of the opening chapters of Genesis, refitted for a post-secular world.

The final volume in this pentalogy, Self Study, will be a work of autophilosophy, revolving around the schizoid position.

Kishik translated, from Italian, two of Agamben's essay collections: Nudities and What Is an apparatus?.

Some of his shorter pieces appeared in The New York Times, The Los Angeles Review of Books, 3:A.M. MagazinePublic Seminar, and Alaxon (in Hebrew).

David also performs in Paramodernities, Netta Yerushalmy's series of dance lectures. 

Before joining Emerson he was a fellow at the ICI Berlin Institute for Cultural Inquiry.

He received the Miller Award for Outstanding Teaching in 2016, and the Huret Award for Faculty Excellence in 2020.

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  • Department Marlboro Institute for Liberal Arts & Interdisciplinary Studies
  • Since 2013


B.A., Haifa University
Ph.D., New School for Social Research