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Dr. Eileen McBride is a clinical psychologist who studies psychosocial adjustment and well-being in emerging adulthood. In her role as a clinician she focused on the treatment of mood and anxiety disorders in adult psychiatric populations. Her previous research explored the relationship between stress, coping strategies, and mental and physical health outcomes for women working in traditionally male organizational environments.

Her current research examines how college students' psychosocial characteristics – including efficacy beliefs and psychological well-being - affect their ability to succeed in the classroom. Her broader interests focus on the application of psychological theory in supporting student adjustment and success, and on the use of qualitative and quantitative methodologies to explore the challenges and opportunities of emerging adulthood. She teaches clinical and abnormal psychology, developmental psychology, and introduction to psychology, and advises the psychology minor.


  • Department Marlboro Institute for Liberal Arts & Interdisciplinary Studies
  • Since 2005


M.S., Queen's University, Belfast
Ph.D., City University, London