Gino Canella is a media researcher, instructor, and award-winning documentary filmmaker and journalist. After working in local television news for 8 years as a photojournalist, producer, and editor, Gino began pursuing graduate studies and independent media productions.

His research and creative works explore activist media, documentary filmmaking, social movements, and the framing of race and class. Gino produces films and researches how the production and distribution of creative multimedia texts have the potential to foster meaningful social relationships among grassroots organizations fighting for social justice. He is interested in how the affective nature of film and media complements traditional community organizing and promotes democratic citizenship.



B.A., Duquesne University
M.A., Temple University
Ph.D., University of Colorado, Boulder


"CAP Comcast: The Framing and Distribution Strategies of Policy Advocates Within Networked Communications" International Journal of Communication


"Social Movement Documentary Practices: Digital Storytelling, Social Media, and Organizing" Digital Creativity


"Video Goes Vertical: Local News Professionals Discuss the Problems and Potential of Vertical Video" Electronic News


"Racialized Surveillance: Activist Media and the Policing of Black Bodies" Communication, Culture, & Critique


Creative Works

Radical Labor: Aligning Unions with the Streets. Roar Magazine.