The Summer 2019 Schedule of Online Classes is live! Please see below for a list of online course offerings.

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Full Summer Term (May 20 - August 13, 2019)
Course Number Course Title Instructor Notes
PF631 Intro to Book Design Lisa Diercks  
Summer 1 (May 20 - July 1, 2019)
Course Number Course Title Instructor Notes
CC203 Intercultural Communication Richard West  
CC263 Advocacy & Argument Spencer Kimball  
CC372 Mental Health, the Media & Public Policy Heather May  
DD603 Social and Mobile Marketing Douglas Quintal  
IN333 Power and Public Spheres Russell Newman  
IN370 Topic: Global Popular Culture Jacqueline Romeo  
JR365 Music Journalism Tim Riley  
JR370 Interactive News Mark Micheli  
JR602 Critical Perspectives Tim Riley  
LI204 Topic: Literature of Queer Revolution Stephen Ambrose  
LI313 Novel Into Film Kevin Miller  
LI451 Utopian/Dystopian Literature Roy Kamada  
MT105 Mathematics of Music, Media, and Arts Elizabeth Fausak  
MT207 Statistics Eiki Satake  
PB411 Profile Writing Morgan Baker  
PB688 Copyediting David Richwine  
PF610 Writing Workshop in Popular Fiction Kevin Miller  
PF610 Writing Workshop in Popular Fiction Jon Papernick  
PF616 Topic: Queering the Popular Novel Steven Ambrose  
PH300 Special Topics: Brains/Bodies, Minds/Machines Robb Eason  
PL332 Civil Rights Michael Brown  
PS101 Introduction to Psychology Heather May  
SC221 Meteorology  Benjamin Papandrea Two sections of this course will be offered online during Summer 1
TH203 Perspectives in World Theatre Joshua Polster  
TH205 Dress Codes: American Clothes Mary Harkins  
TH315 Topic: Contemporary US Theatre Joshua Polster  
VM101 History of Media Arts II Barry Marshall  
VM200 Media Criticism and Theory Sujay Pandit  
VM220 Writing the Short Subject Rae Shaw  
VM221 Writing the Feature Film Ougie Pak  
VM222 Writing for Television Mark Saraceni  
VM301 Post Colonial Cinema Clare Andrade-Watkins  
VM402 Film and TV Genres James Lane  
VM425 Feature Writing Workshop Diane Lake  
Summer 2 (July 2 - August 13, 2019)
Course Number Course Title Instructor Notes
CC263 Advocacy & Argument Spencer Kimball  
CD264 Oral Presentation of Literature Kenneth Grout  
CC372 Technologies of the Word: Orality, Literacy, Electracy John Anderson  
CC640 User Experience Design Christopher LaRoche  
DD621 Predictive Analytics Sereikhuoch Eng  
IN370 Post-Colonial Cinema Claire Andrade-Watkins  
IN374 Topic: Urban Education Yasser Munif  
JR303 Covering Issues of Diversity Cheryl Jackson  
JR607 Reporting & Writing  Aaron Goodman  
LI304 Topic: Beat Generation Then and Now Paul Haney  
LI313 Novel into Film Kevin Miller  
MK371 Public Relations Campaign Management Ricci Rizzo  
MT207 Statistics Eiki Satake  
PF616 Topic:  Queering the Popular Novel Steven Ambrose  
PL332 Civil Rights Michael Brown   
PS201 Abnormal Psychology Heather May   
PS301 Personal Growth and Adjustment Heather May   
SO150 Principles of Sociology/Anthropology Kiri Gurd  
TH205 Dress Codes: American Clothes Mary Harkins  
VM200 Media Criticism and Theory Sujay Pandit  
VM220 Writing the Short Subject Jean Stawarz  
VM221 Writing the Feature Film Weiko Lin  
VM402 Topic: The Last Auteur: The Films of Robert Altman Barry Marshall  
VM402 Topic: Sound as Fine Art Pierre Archambault  


  • Emerson degree students enroll in courses through eCommon.
  • Non-matriculated students—Individuals who are not enrolled in a degree program at Emerson College, which includes visiting students and Professional Studies students—register through the Office of Professional Studies.

Tuition and Fees (Note:  the information below pertains to Summer 2018.  We will release Summer 2019 tuition rates in early March.)

Type of Course Price
Undergraduate courses $763 per credit
Graduate courses $1,197 per credit
Registration Fee (nonrefundable) $30 per summer session
Late Registration Fee (nonrefundable) $75
Noncredit courses and workshops As priced

Transaction fees are nonrefundable in all circumstances, including in the event of class cancellation by the College.

What to Expect from an Online Course

This course is offered entirely online through Canvas. Generally there are no set class meeting times for online courses, but students are responsible for managing their time and completing the course requirements by the scheduled weekly due dates. The instructor will be available online, and/or via phone during their scheduled office hours.

  • Online courses require the same amount of time and effort as face-to-face courses.
  • You will need to have basic computer skills: be able to send and receive email, install software, and use web browsers and word processing software.
  • Your online class may or may not have set class "meeting" times. Some classes will allow you to work entirely at your own schedule. However, all classes will have a set ending date, as well as deadlines along the way that you will need to meet.
  • You should be comfortable with trying to solve technical problems on your own, and being open to learning new software. Conversely, you should also be comfortable asking for help if needed!
  • Most communication in online classes will be written. You should be comfortable analyzing and discussing ideas in written college-level English.
  • Each class will have slightly different requirements. For any questions, please contact your professor.

Learn more about about hardware & software requirements and how to prepare for success in your online course: Learn more about Online @ Emerson.

In case of technical problems, email the helpdesk [at] (Help Desk) at Emerson College or call 617-824-8080.

Emerson College reserves the right to change any provision of its programs and courses at any time. The College specifically reserves the right to change its tuition rates and any other financial charges. The College also reserves the right to rearrange its courses and class hours, to drop courses for which registration falls below the minimum enrollment, and to change instructor assignments.