Give to power innovation.

Our courses and programs position Emerson among the nation’s most accomplished colleges. To stay ahead in both teaching and professional excellence, Emerson invests in new infrastructure and technology to support the dreams and ingenuity of our community.

From our pioneering speech pathology programs to our Engagement Lab to the nation’s most exciting college radio, WERS—Emerson has always exemplified the spirit of innovation. We aim to continue conceiving, fostering, and growing initiatives that make our learning experience fresh, unique, and relevant.

Now is the time to invest in new learning infrastructure and technology to support the ambition and ingenuity of our students, faculty, and curriculum.

Give to all who are passionate about finding new ways to unite theory and practice. Your support will help fuel initiatives like:

  • The Engagement Lab: Our applied research lab that produces creative, interactive solutions to local, national, and international civic problems through engaged research, academic collaborations, and partnerships with external organizations.

  • Virtual and Augmented Reality: Students now have access to groundbreaking virtual reality (VR) filmmaking courses offered in both Boston and LA that explore the burgeoning field of live action filmmaking for VR headsets.

  • FACE Lab: Our groundbreaking FACE Lab utilizes infrared motion capture and eye-tracking technologies to analyze how individuals with autism spectrum disorders produce and process facial expressions and tone of voice during verbal interactions.

  • E3 Expo: The Annual E3 Expo is the culmination of the Entrepreneurial Studies Program, showcasing student ventures developed over the course of the school year. Students make their pitches, competing for cash awards and feedback on inventive and pioneering startup ideas.