Emerson’s Graduate Program tuition rates are by credit. You can enroll on a full-time or part-time basis depending on your program of choice, fluctuating each semester’s credit costs to fit your unique needs. To learn more about our tuition costs, please visit our Tuition & Expenses page.

Financial Aid

Emerson College is proud to offer students and families financial aid options and resources. For a full list of our financial aid offerings, visit our Financial Aid page. 


Upon applying to an Emerson Graduate Program, the Graduate Admission team automatically reviews every accepted student’s scholarship eligibility. For more information about scholarships, please visit our Scholarships & Grants page.

Transformational Leaders Graduate Fellowship

A select number of students accepted into the Transformational Leaders Graduate Fellowship are awarded a financial scholarship and stipend and participate in leadership development training and mentoring. The Fellowship is designed for first-year graduate students who are rising leaders looking to bring equity, diversity, and inclusion to the arts and communication fields. To apply, visit our Transformational Leaders Graduate Fellowship page.