Students are expected to attend classes regularly and promptly and are responsible for all work done in their classes while they are absent. Individual instructors determine the number of times a student may be absent or tardy before one’s grade is adversely affected. Students are responsible for notifying the instructor in advance of all foreseeable absences and conflicts with course requirements. Attending an out-of-class activity or event for another course is not considered an excuse to disregard a given class’s attendance policy. A faculty member cannot require a student to attend specified out-of-class activities that conflict with the student’s schedule for another class.

The College’s Emerson Wellness Center (CHW) does not provide students with notes excusing them from missing class or academic obligations. When indicated as part of clinical management, the CHW may recommend alteration of academic requirements, deferment of responsibilities, non-participation in certain activities, and other appropriate measures for “health reasons.” With the written authorization of the student, the center may verify the nature and extent of the illness.

Prolonged Absence: When a student anticipates or experiences a prolonged absence due to accident or illness, the student should immediately notify the care [at] (Office of Student Care and Support) and all instructors. Under these circumstances, the student is advised to work with each professor to obtain a course withdrawal or, if the student is in good standing within a given course, seek a time-limited incomplete, or, depending on the situation, arrange a leave of absence for the semester in question.  If the student is unable to contact their instructors, the Office of Student Care and Support will attempt to contact instructors on behalf of the student.  Resident students should also attempt to notify their Residence Director.

Absence for Religious Observance: Emerson College instructors will attempt to accommodate students’ requests for religious accommodations, but will only grant reasonable requests that do not unduly interrupt or interfere with the College’s policies or a course’s requirements or curriculum. Students’ absences for religious observance are counted toward the total number of absences that a professor permits under their uniform attendance policy.

Jury Duty: Any U.S. citizen 18 years or older who resides in Massachusetts for 50 percent or more of the calendar year is eligible to be called for jury duty. However, you should keep in mind that the laws have been modified both to shorten the length of jury duty and to allow you to schedule your duty at a convenient time. For more information, students can visit the Massachusetts Court System webpage.

Faculty will provide a reasonable substitute or compensatory opportunities for any required work missed on account of documented jury duty service so long as doing so doesn’t create an unreasonable burden upon the College.