In an effort to both assist student organizations and College departments’ planning and ensure appropriate use of the institution’s name, all Emerson student organizations are required to register their intent to conduct any fundraising activities on or off the campus in the Office of Student Life.

On-campus fundraising includes conducting drawings, raffles (see Gambling policy for information related to obtaining a permit for a raffle), and selling of goods and/ or services. Off-campus fundraising activities include soliciting merchants, foundations, corporations, parents, or alumni for contributions in and of themselves, or in return for an advertisement or service. Lists of parents, alumni, or students will only be made available to those student organizations that have received authorization through registration. Fundraising activities benefiting an outside organization/company/foundation must have a letter of permission from said organization/company/foundation when registering the activity. Only recognized and funded student organizations or department-sponsored groups may fundraise. All collected funds must be deposited into an on-campus account.

Students enrolled in the Business Studies and Entrepreneurial Studies programs are exempted during specific program-related events upon notification of, and approval from, the Dean of Campus Life office. Notification and approval will be conducted between the program’s director and the Dean of Campus Life Office directly. Further information is available from the Dean of Campus Life Office and the director of business and entrepreneurial studies.