The following rules address eligibility for participation in the Intramural Program. Any situations not specifically covered in these rules, which may be considered an attempt to go against the spirit of the rules, may be acted upon by the Intramural Staff.

  1. All current, degree-seeking full-time Emerson undergraduate and graduate students are eligible to play intramural sports. A full-time status requires 9 or more credits during fall/spring semester for undergraduates (2 credits for graduate students).
  2. All participants MUST have their student IDs with them and produce their IDs for the intramural staff to participate. Without an ID, you may not play. Temporary paper IDs must be accompanied by a valid picture ID. Examples of valid picture IDs include state-issued driver’s licenses and federally issued photo IDs.
  3.  All Emerson students currently enrolled in a satellite campus program and/or exchange program may participate upon return to the Boston campus during the semester they have been enrolled in a satellite program. No participation will be allowed after they have officially completed graduation requirements.
  4. Alumni, deferred students, non-students, and spouses of students may not participate or compete in any intramural activity.
  5. Non- Emerson students may not participate or compete in any intramural activity, except during events done in cooperation with the ProArts Consortium. During intramural events co-sponsored by a ProArts Consortium School, participation will include all full-time students of the participating ProArts Schools.
  6. Current participants on any intercollegiate athletic team are eligible to participate in a similar intramural sport, with restrictions. There may only be one member of the similar intercollegiate athletic team per intramural team roster.  “Current” is defined as until their eligibility expires or until they are cut from the team. Students currently redshirting in intercollegiate sports are considered members of the team. Those trying out or working out with the team are considered members of the team.
  7. Eligible participants may play for only one team in each activity.
  8. To participate in a team sport, each player must be added to his team’s roster 15 minutes prior to the start of the first game for tournament play and the day before the first game of league play. All additions must have the approval of an intramural staff member. In League play, players need to be added to their roster by 3:00 p.m. for weekday games and by 3:00 p.m. on Friday for Saturday games. Changes must be submitted by written request at the Emerson College Fitness Center via paper for tournament play, or by email for league play. Only the Captain of the team may make the above changes to a roster.
  9. Dropping an individual from a team roster is done by request through the Intramural Staff. Only the team captain or the individual who wishes to be dropped can make this request. Once dropped, a player may not be added back to the team. These requests will be processed within one business day. Please submit this request in writing, via paper or email.
  10. When in league play, no additions may be made to a team's roster after the team has completed regular season play. Only participants who have competed in regular season play (a minimum of one game) are eligible for elimination tournament play.
  11. When competing in a single-day tournament, all roster changes must be completed 15 minutes before the start of the first game of the tournament.
  12. Each activity may have additional eligibility rules, which will be stated in the rules section for that activity on the intramurals website.
  13. Team captains are responsible for the eligibility of each player on their team.

The intramural staff reserves the right to make rulings on instances not specifically covered in these eligibility rules.


The team captain is responsible for the actions of his or her team and their spectators. Additionally, the captain will ensure that his or her team is familiar with the rules of play for the sport being played and general intramural policies and procedures.

Sportsmanship is a vital component for success in every intramural contest. Participants and spectators are expected to display good sportsmanship toward opponents and the Intramural staff at all times.

Unsportsmanlike Conduct

Participants and spectators shall not commit acts of unsportsmanlike conduct. This includes, but is not limited to, arguments with staff, flagrant fouling, fighting, etc. before, during or after a contest. No player or team shall:

  • Use foul or derogatory language, threaten or verbally abuse any other participant or Intramural employee before, during or after the game.
  • Participate in a game for which he or she is ineligible.
  • Argue or talk back to the Intramural staff. Only the captain should address an official in a courteous manner.
  • Intentionally strike, push, trip or flagrantly foul another participant, spectator or intramural staff member.
  • Mistreat the facility, equipment or supplies of Emerson College.

Unsportsmanlike Conduct Penalties

Any participant displaying unsportsmanlike conduct will be issued either a conduct warning or Intramural Supervisors.

  • Verbal warning resulting in incident report – Conduct Warning
  • Ejection of participant with/out warning – Ejection and a 10-point bonus to the opposing team’s score
  • Two ejections or three verbal warnings - Forfeit of game

During league play, sportsmanship points will be scored for all teams participating. Each game will be scored separately on a scale of 1-10 points. These points will be awarded by the opposing team and by the game officials. Sportsmanship points will determine a team’s playoff eligibility. You must have an average of 7 points or higher to be eligible for playoffs. A sportsmanship score below 5 points will result in your team’s immediate termination from league play.

The intramural staff reserves the right to make rulings on instances not specifically covered in these sportsmanship rules and policies.