As a result of federal ADA mandates, the following are policy:

  • All course videos must include captions.
  • Electronic texts and readings must be accessible to screen reading devices. Specifically, text should be clear, with sufficient contrast between the font and background, able to be read by Optical Character Recognition software, and be free of hand-written markings.
  • Lecture notes must presented in html format via Canvas Pages so that they are readable by screen reading software. PowerPoint, Keynote and PDF lecture outlines cannot be directly uploaded. If faculty have existing content in those formats that they want to use, they will have to plan to re-format it into Canvas Pages.
  • All pages, documents, and assignments created for the course should follow WCAG 2.1 accessibility formatting guidelines: use of headers to organize text, alternative text for images (alt text), descriptions for tables or figures, limited use of colors for formatting, etc.
  • ITG has been given the responsibility to make sure that all materials are accessible: videos are captioned and PDFs are readable by screen readers. In order for materials to be used, they must be provided to ITG by stated deadlines and fall under Fair Use Guidelines or the course will not be offered.